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  1. Nope, still haven’t gotten it back from NCL.
  2. I am scheduled in August. If the ship sails, I’m going. So I guess it will take me surviving until August...
  3. I’m in the same boat, canceled prepaid stuff on 3/9, was told 7-10 business days. 7-10 business days came and went with nothing. Finally got tired of waiting on Friday and disputed the charge with American Express. AMEX credited the money back to my account within a couple of hours.
  4. We canceled before the POM policy went into effect specifically so we could get prepaid charges refunded to our cards and not wrapped up into FCC.
  5. I called on March 9 to cancel the thermal spa pass and shore excursions I had prepaid for.
  6. As of today, I had still not received the credit. My impatience got the best of me and I disputed the charge with AMEX. Got an email from AMEX within a couple of hours saying they’ve credited my account for the disputed amount.
  7. Canceled my thermal spa pass and two prepaid shore excursions on 3/9. Was told they’d be back on my card within 7–10 business days. Still nothing. Will dispute the charge with AMEX if I don’t get the credit by Thursday.
  8. My cruise is through MyVEGAS as well. Nice to hear that there is some flexibility in the rebooking.
  9. I am scheduled to cruise on the Escape on 3/21. I'm like a chicken running around with my head cut off going back and forth on whether to cancel or not. As of now I am planning on going. I'm not afraid of getting sick, I just don't want to get to Miami late Friday night and find out the cruise is canceled or something like that. I just want a fun vacation!
  10. Sorry, I'm a newbie. What does "tendering" to a port mean?
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