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  1. Was the $600 OBC to offset the price difference, or was it an incentive? We cancelled on Thursday before the official cancellation, and received $200 OBC. But that was only because the cost of our new cruise was $200 cheaper lol.
  2. A random rep. I actually called 305-599-2600, instead of the main contact number. I didn’t wait at all. I pressed the option for new reservations (sorry I can’t remember which # that was).
  3. Although I REALLY didn't want to, my family and I decided to postpone our 3/21 Horizon cruise until October :(. Today's media cycle is just churning up all kinds of negative, and we wanted to get ahead of everything.The cancellation and re-booking process was very easy though! I called reservations today and told them the cruise I was currently on, the cruise I wanted to switch to--- and that was it. Marley, the rep, took all my information, cancelled my cruise, applied ALL my money to the new cruise and gave me OBC for whatever the cruise price difference was. I didn't have to pay a new depos
  4. We’re on the same cruise ☺️ My boyfriend and I have been going back and forth about that also. I’ve been tracking the ship for the last 2 weeks and it hasn’t stopped at GT. I spoke to a Carnival rep yesterday and he said it was on a case by case basis—so there’s no telling. We decided to just keep the excursion (just in case). We have excursions lined up for the rest of the ports, so it’s no biggie. Fingers crossed with all this uptick in travel bans, the cruise doesn’t decide to cancel, or worse the other ports decide to close 🙁
  5. Hi, I did read something in the Miami Herald regarding this topic. It stated that if passed, passengers over 70 would have to provide a doctor’s note clearing them for travel. Not sure where the proposal stands now, but industry reps were in DC on Weds. I’m cruising the Horizon on 3/21, and hoping that with all these new travel restrictions, they don’t decide to cancel or close more ports in the Caribbean 🙏🏽
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