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  1. Yes Mine was canceled on 3.15.20 and got part of it back. In the middle of June I contacted my Credit Card company (that is how I got part of it back) the credit card company gave RC till 9.2.20 to respond. The part I got back was my deposit from 12.2018 so if you didn;t do so I would call the Credit Card co. immed. good luck
  2. IT really is sad. Have so many great memories cruising.
  3. I'm on 4 months and 2 days. I ended up filing with my credit card on 6.2.20 . The CC company is giving them till 9.2.20 . So far they sent part of the taxes and all of my deposit (20% of cruise so far) Wish I did that sooner. A long process but I doubt RC had any plans of refunding my $8176 Good Luck
  4. Updaye: Contacted credit card company on 6.2.20 Long process .....a lot of paperrwork RC has until 9.2.20 to respond. Will see ... been 4 months on 7.14.20 Lesson learned file right away with credit card ... .
  5. good for u we also canceled 3.14.20 HOPEFULLY will hear from them soon.
  6. On 6/1/2020 at 6:11 PM, not-enough-cruising said: I paid the fare in Oct 2019, and contested the charge in May 2020 DAY 82 SO I called my CC company and they gave me the info. I have to supply them with to dispute the charges will have to mail it in etc. Will let you know what happens if anything....
  7. I googled royal caribbean contact and there is a form u can fill out They are good at hiding emails
  8. wow thanks for getting back to me I thought I was wasting my time on that one will try this week!
  9. DAY 79 I got a email from RC today "and will be reviewed by an Executive Escalations Representative shortly" On 5/15/20 I also got "Thank you for your email. I would be happy to address your inquiry. on 5/22/20 I also got (have not clue how they came up with this, I have a feeling its an automatic reply) "Thank you for letting us know your inquiry was resolved! We'll go ahead and close any emails you've sent from the email address you've provided. " I also read where the CEO Fain claims to read all of his email. I couldn't find it If anyone has it Id appreciate it.
  10. No but I have 2 friends that lived in the same small town that met on a cruise in Europe and ended up getting married.
  11. " i love Royal as much as anybody else on this forum but I make a distinction between their shipboard customer service and land-based corporate customer service. On the ship, we are treated *ahem* Royally by the staff - stateroom attendants, bartenders, waiters, etc. However, the corporation, I don't extend the same love." I agree 100% it has always been that way. Love to cruise and really missing it.... BUT that land-based "customer service" is another story
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