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  1. I agree get the best deal you can
  2. Have fun can't wait till we go on our 1st cruise in so long
  3. It is so great to read about someone on a Cruise ship Been too long looking forward to hearing about your cruise and Thank u for sharing !!
  4. I GOT THE REST OF MY REFUND!!!!!!!!! OH well they said that I got credited for the last $2,000+- on my $8100+ cruise that was canceled last April
  5. We are on hold. First time we do not have a cruise booked in years. We plan to do a lot of FL vacationing this winter . Hopefully sometime in 2021 we'll be somewhere out at sea.
  6. The card I no longer have got the credit first. I heard of people "falling between the cracks" and looks like the 2 credit cards help cause that. back when this started the phone lines were putting people on hold for hours. I also found that with email I had a record of all my correspondence. When I called the CC company they wanted proof that I tried to collect. thanks for the info.
  7. Yes I used 2 different CC. we always book on board then changed cruises and that credit card we no longer have but we rebooked with the same credit card company. When we canceled we were given a choice of refund or credit we asked for a refund. We have this in a letter from RC. We then sent 18 emails asking for this refund (2xs they said they will take care of it) we have all of these emails then we went to CC company and sent them all of the info. so now they deal with RC. There were 9 of us for over $8,000 in 3 different rooms so that and 2 different credit ca
  8. As of 10.16.20 I have received 80% of my refund that was canceled in march 2020. every time the credit card says RC is right not to refund my money we counter and they give RC 6 weeks (by law) to respond, we get 10 days to respond. they canceled a cruise, we aske for refund, they will not give it to us. We canceled all our cruises and Celebrity gave us a refund immed. We love to cruise and hope everything works out for the cruise companies but the way they treated us is not the way u treat another person let alone a customer
  9. Love no car for 2 weeks. Love the shows. Love sitting out on the balcony at night. Love hanging out on the ship and love the different ports with the different experiences. Love the 2 day stops in Aruba. there actually isn't much I do not like about cruising
  10. Hope it works out for u. can't wait to cruise again
  11. We have a Jan. cruise and we will cancel. First year in years we are not cruising in Jan. will really miss it but there is no way I can trust them with my money.
  12. Yes Mine was canceled on 3.15.20 and got part of it back. In the middle of June I contacted my Credit Card company (that is how I got part of it back) the credit card company gave RC till 9.2.20 to respond. The part I got back was my deposit from 12.2018 so if you didn;t do so I would call the Credit Card co. immed. good luck
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