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  1. This is a point of great confusion for me. The voucher offers states: After 24 months, if you are unable to use your 125% Future Cruise Voucher, simply return your expired voucher to Viking and we will send you a refund equal to the original amount paid to Viking to the original form of payment. What constitutes "unable to use"? Cancelation by Viking? Surely. Unable to find a cruise to your liking? Implied, I think. Wish to cancel a cruise booked with a voucher? Unclear. The T&C's accompanying the rebooked (w/ vouchers) cruise retain the orignal cancellation policy - > 120 da
  2. Had no trouble moving InsureMyTrip policy to rescheduled cruise next year. They wanted around $60 for the increased price of the cruise - which really doesn't make sense since with the 125% FCV, we have no more money at risk (less actually) than we did before, but I feel quite certain that $60 is easier to take than the time and frustration trying to argue the point. 🙂
  3. One possible explanation of the reduced insurance cost is not that the cruise is free but that under Viking's temporary policy all reservations made by April 30 2020 are can be canceled for a full refund up until 24 hours before the cruise departure. I verified that this DOES apply to rebooking with a voucher. So there's no (little) need for 'cancel for any reason' clauses or other cancellation of the cruise portion of your trip. Insurance would cover other things of course, airfare, trip delay, lost luggage, medical transport, etc.
  4. Confirming, it has been restored. Never mind. 🙂
  5. No idea if it is a policy change or a just a communication change, but the generous cancellation policy is no longer included in the Corona Virus Update (March 7) on the "My Trip Updates of Current Sailings" page. IF it is a swift reversal of policy it would be very disconcerting.
  6. Frist, if Delta changed schedules on you, you can request a no-cost rebooking to a connection with more time. They *may* argue, because 65 minutes is a legal connection time in AMS, but I've had good luck just asking nicely. (I think 50 minutes is the minimum guideline) Certainly bring up mobility issues if you have any. If a change is not practical or allowed, 65 minutes is fine. Will likely cut out your time for a stroopwafel and koffie, but you'll make it. 😁
  7. So much for my general rules! I looked at Delta routings in June (specific dates could vary slightly of course) and if it were me I'd go for the AMS route. Depart TPA 7:25PM. That's a nice time; have a light meal and a long nap. AMS is big, but easier to manage than some. Arriving at 10:50AM; you will be between the crazy times. There is a little risk, connection in AMS is an hour and forty-five minutes - PLENTY of time if all goes well. Gets you into Lisbon at 2:35PM. Personally, I would not risk arriving that late if I planned to board the ship the same day, but if yo
  8. You don't say where you are originating or where you might transfer in the US (assuming you'd need to), but based on many years of international business travel, I always recommend landing in your final destination from a US airport. There are exceptions of course, but the benefits are many, including: US connections are typically easier and familiar and done early in your journey vs connections while you are grappling with exhaustion and time change and navigating an unfamiliar airport and procedures. The EU connection means you may have TWO unfamiliar airports and processes.
  9. I mean this with the kindest intent, truly; but if you have - and benefit from - hearing aids, please bring them along. We had the unpleasant experience of highly agitated passengers demanding the tour guide speak up, when the problem lay elsewhere. QuietVox also a good option.
  10. Thanks. I'm working plans B through Z! Plan to start by begging airline to let me change for free or minimal $ (working on my sob story and I've flown 2 million miles with them, so they owe me a favor). I have found several services that, for a hefty fee, say they can get you the 'celebrity treatment' with escorts through private entrances and security areas. (Not finding many reviews good or bad, but maybe I just don't know where celebrities discuss such things.) Lastly will discuss getting up early, walking out our bags ourselves, booking private transpor
  11. Uh oh. We're on Italy, The Adriatic, and Greece May 27, 2020. Port arrival at Civitavecchia is 5AM June 10. I checked that before I booked air departing 9:45AM from FCO. However, I missed the footnote on the itinerary that says "...must not depart before 10AM". It's only 15 minutes and we are booked in business nonstop to Atlanta. I would hope the 3-hour-before-departure guideline would be a little less rigid for business. Happy to book our own transportation rather than the Viking shuttle. It would likely be very expensive to change flights. I
  12. Sounds like a case of dramatic headlines masking a proposal rather than a ban. https://www.thelocal.it/20190810/no-venice-isnt-about-to-ban-cruise-ships-from-its-lagoon
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