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  1. Glad you are both feeling better as well. Very unfortunate that there were issues with your lab. stay safe safe.
  2. Well it finally took a long time For our test results but my wife and I tested positive for covid-19. We were on the summit February 29-March 7. We have both been feeling better for about a week.
  3. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing your story.
  4. It’s strange media outlets haven’t put the pieces together and started reporting on the several cases from celebrity summit. We finally got tested today but we are feeling better now so we’ll see what results are in 72 hours. I wish our health unit had tests available earlier in the week when we were symptomatic.
  5. Wow. Thanks for posting that as the plot thickens
  6. Thank you. We are feeling a little better. As much as we enjoyed the service and ship and the staff the lack of transparency is enough of a deal breaker for us to go with a different company next time. I agree nobody is perfect but Celebrity failed with something so critical. I mean handing over ship manifest to health unit agencies to contact guests for trace testing and admitting there was no problem with their ship.
  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. It would certainly be nice to have that Info. They were likely on my Air Canada AC 957 to Toronto.
  8. I only recently joined the forum when a felt sick and heard of the first confirmed case in Waterloo region. You are correct that this has been great information to those who have not been contacted. There is also a specific thread for that ship which has now grown to 9 pages. This has been a great community to share information and we wish everyone the best through this terrible ordeal
  9. Thank you so much for your concern . We are doing well. It’s a real shame that Celebrity has not been transparent. This was our first ever cruise and we loved it but the lack of transparency is very concerning and upsetting.
  10. Well they obviously know of the issue. I was on that cruise and have been sick since March 12 and my local health unit contacted us last night because our names were listed on the manifest
  11. That’s pretty interesting. A little late now that the news is already out there
  12. that is pretty bad. Totally irresponsible. Makes me sick
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