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  1. Well said - extraordinary event should result in extraordinary customer service which Royal is not familiar with
  2. Royal did screw everyone. Now if they get a bailout from the Feds, will they share the cash with those seniors that they took money from? Not likely - they don’t care about customers.
  3. I totally agree but Royal Caribbean CEO denied 3 requests from us - they took $1,065 from two seniors. Royal doesn’t understand what is happening and, how to treat loyal customers. They just wanted the cash!
  4. Type in “cruise with confidence” policy. Good luck - I’ve contacted them 4 times. Each answer was a no. So, they just lost a customer who had 5 cruises and planned more bpathic response.
  5. Companies like Royal Caribbean don’t understand that situations like COVID-19 are unusual events that require unusual, customer supportive actions. They had their head in the sand. They are penny wise and pound foolish - for not refunding $1,000 they are losing $30,000 to $40,000 in future business. Nothing is normal right now but Royal is choosing a standard bureaucratic response. Pathetic
  6. Good answer - Royal is not a good corporate citizen
  7. You don’t understand. If we waited 2 more days it would have been a 75% penalty. We asked on Feb. 29th for a credit. They then changed their policy March 6th to offer credits. Retried the policy to March 1st. So we were ahead of this company on the right thing to do yet they financially penalized us $1,065 and said “too bad, you cancelled before our policy change”. They had to be thinking about this before Feb. 29th. But no.
  8. Royal does not know the meaning of good customer service - even in these unusual times
  9. Royal Caribbean has charged a 50% financial penalty for cancelling our cruise 65 days before sailing. We are seniors who are advised not to fly or cruise to avoid getting COVID-19. They announced a new credit policy mid-March retroactive to March 1st. We cancelled Feb. 27th and send a letter Feb. 29 th requesting a credit. They said NO and are taking $1,065 in cash from two seniors who were going on their 5th cruise with them. It’s time for a progressive customer service initiative. Our airline is giving us a full credit - why is Royal Caribbean not doing the same? A credit makes sense in
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