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  1. CDC also dictates when cruising can resume. At this point, only solution is vaccine. Also, Covid-19 virus is not like HIV. Covid-19 behaves like SARS or MERS. Only reason why we don't have a vaccine against SARS was because there was no money to be made like Covid-19.
  2. We wanted to apply FCC to cruise deposit because we really don't want to use our credit card again since everything is still up in the air. Tbh, I don't think sailing is possible until vaccine is out.
  3. That was our intention, apply FCC to cruise deposit. I guess that's a wash. Yes, I agree things are really getting bad... Carnival Corp is probably heading towards bankruptcy. Companies with strong balance sheet survive others fail. We hear everyday which company is filing for bk on the news....Glad we disputed our charges with CC....
  4. I just spoke to HAL rep and was told they do not know when FCC will be applied to my mariner ID. I hope it won't get lost in transit....as we have not received any form of email communication.
  5. "Ultimately it all relates to cash flow and cash on hand. We know that Carnival Corp. had a cash crunch, therefore Holland America, Princess, Carnival, etc. were all limited in their ability to complete refunds." That is correct. CCL don't have enough cash flow to refund us because they used our money to pay bills. Even with secure debt offering, with future Cruise Industry being uncertain, refund is now in the mercy of GOD.
  6. I also received nothing from HAL. I opened HAL chat line. I gave my booking number and asked for total refund $. I then screen shot the conversation and saved it as documentation. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  7. Cruise cheerleades have been saying that it is too far ways down the road and your money is protected. IMO, why take a chance. I would wait little longer and act upon your best interest to protect yourself.
  8. Different business structure or not, keeping our money more than 60 days of refund is not reasonable. We as a guest should not be held accountable if the CCL corporation did not have enough liquid on rainy day.
  9. Thank you for your reply. We are done waiting and will definitely call our bank to start dispute. So many cheerleaders in this board are forgiving but I think we have given HA fair share of patience.
  10. Disney Cruise line is certainly better than CCL in terms of refunding their guests. Our friend got their refund within two weeks of request. CCL is telling us 60-90 days and now don't know when but working on refunds is not an acceptable answer. And how many of you received email communication saying your refund has been processed. NONE!!
  11. Hello, after waiting 60 plus days, we are ready to file cc dispute. Our HAL account still says canceled cruise is still active not showing cancelation. We need to provide documentation to CC company the amount of refund. We only mass email that HAL announced upcoming cancellation.
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