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  1. I am actually enjoying this thread since it is specific to the cruising experience. Almost like a chair hog thread! We never play Deal or No Deal due to the fact that the days just seem to fly by, and we can't squeeze it in. We prefer spending time outdoors or in the Thermal Suite. I do think that the entertainment value for the money spent may make it worth playing for some people. I know how fast that amount of money would go if I was playing a slot machine. LOL. I am not taking any odds of winning into consideration, just the entertainment value. We occasionally buy the pull tabs
  2. There is a promenade deck, but the lifeboats obstruct the view of the ocean. There are a couple of spots between boats where you can look out. This was the thing I disliked the most about Epic. The other thing I didn't like was the curvy sofa. But overall, I really enjoyed our time on the ship. We enjoyed having breakfast downstairs from the buffet in La Cucina. This was the only ship I have been on with that option.
  3. All good points by Jamie. It is definitely hard to make plans. Especially since some of NCLs decisions seem to defy all logic , LOL.
  4. Do you think either the Sky or Breakaway trips in September are really going to happen? Keep in mind there are plenty of trips on the Norwegian website that can be booked that already are not going to happen. I am also excited about the possibility of sailing out of New York or Boston so that we don't have to fly, but we are still in the wait and see mode. Maybe you could wait and see if the Alaska trips go before you change your plans. Then you know NCL can get it together enough to actually sail again. Hopefully someone gets to sail out of the US soon. Otherwise, a better bet may
  5. Sorry your Joy cruise was cancelled. Love that you are exploring other options to get your cruise fix. We are looking to replace our cancelled Gem trip. Royal Caribbean out of Nassau is looking good to me. Adventure of the Seas was the first ship we ever sailed on. It was only a year old at the time, and went to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Aruba and Curacao out of San Juan. We were hooked after that. Nothing is the same as a cruise! I may wait to book until after Tony from La Lido Loca gets back from his trip out of Nassau to hear all about it. Hope you find something tha
  6. The OP is right about a lot of us in the US not seeing the big picture. Getting crew in place from various countries must be a huge challenge. Even though things are loosening up here, it is still going to be difficult to get a ship ready to go. If you can book with an already paid for cruise next deposit, then great. You won't lose any new money to NCL. I had been hesitant to book anything until cruising actually starts, but do have two booked for 2022. Now I am not even sure those will sail, but we shall see. I enjoy having a cruise to look forward to, and like to follow the ABB
  7. I agree. They may have had to pull crew from multiple ships to be able to get enough vaccinated staff. Our cancellation email came this morning. No more Gem to DR for us. If any ship starts up from the US this summer, we may book Sky last minute. Otherwise, we will be doing a road trip or trying an all inclusive.
  8. Hi Jamie. While I think it would be nice if NCL gives cruisers on the cancelled Joy trips a bigger future cruise discount, I do not feel that you should give up on NCL yet. Use your credits up first, and try other cruise lines. We have enjoyed cruises on Royal Caribbean just as much, but mostly cruise with NCL. I just like the crew better on NCL and enjoy the Freestyle dining. When I booked the Gem trip out of DR, I told my husband that I would be surprised if it did not get cancelled. Feeling like these cruises would definitely happen, has caused a lot of disappointm
  9. NCL should give cruisers on the cancelled Joy trips more than the usual 10%. I feel that since they were billed as the "Return to Sailing", they definitely should be allowed all the same perks in addition to a bigger discount. It has been a long time since we have been on Celebrity, but we will travel them again sometime also. We still need to do an MSC cruse before our loyalty status matching with them expires. We enjoy the vibe on NCL, but are not opposed to branching out to other lines. I will still buy a cruise next on our future NCL trip, but definitely not multiples.
  10. I also feel bad for everyone that was booked on Joy, and think it may be a good idea for Jamie and others to switch to Gem. With the limited capacity, I think Gem will be fun. We thought about going on Joy for the first time, but liked the itinerary on Gem so much more.
  11. I am not worried about it. I think they already had been using some sort of facial recognition. When we let the photographer take our picture at dinner last cruise, they never asked for our room number, and the pictures ended up in our folio.
  12. Oh no! I hope not after all your careful planning. I just checked on our Gem trip out of DR. So far everything looks fine. I will start researching a replacement trip of some sort just in case.
  13. I was shocked how much they want for a balcony cabin on Pearl Boston to Bermuda in spring of 2022. Luckily, I was able to book a cabin with my casino voucher. While I prefer a balcony, and will bid on one if they bring back the upgrade program, I was happy to take the inside cabin I was offered through the Casino. The casino rep did not think bidding would happen due to reduced capacity, but we will see. With the money I saved on the Pearl cruise, I was able to justify getting a balcony for the cruise I booked on Prima. I did not have a voucher for the Prima booking. The Prima trip
  14. Our tentative flights through NCL have us flying into Punta Cana and out of Santo Domingo. One stop each way. I also booked transfers through NCL. I am glad I did since it is a longer drive back to the airport. The only nonstop flights I saw out of Boston were on Jetblue at a slightly higher price. It is what I would have used if I did it on my own, but I do feel like we are getting a pretty good deal with the second person flies "free" offer. We are flying in the day before.
  15. One of the reasons I booked was to check out the Dominican Republic. I have been wanting to check out the big resort area famous for all the All Inclusive resorts. The pre-cruise hotel is perfect for that. If we aren't impressed, at least we haven't paid for a whole week somewhere. I also don't think it will be the logistical nightmare some people are suggesting. The DR is used to provisioning all those resorts, and transporting the guests back and forth. If cruises start out of Florida, I will book one for next time. Especially since it is still speculation.
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