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  1. Just woken up to find your note, and the news gives us both here a joyous start to the day! We wish you both well for the future. Oh, and if ever I see a Texan drinking Guinness, it will remind me of you 😁
  2. The twitter #coralprincess400 was set up in support of the near 400 UK passengers on board. A few minutes ago it reported there are still 8 Brits on board, presumably with health issues.
  3. Great to hear that! Let us know that you both are home safely. Just a word of caution... the times may slip a little. We were told 3to 5 on Sunday, but 5pm came & went and we were fearing we’d been forgotten. Passenger Services said be patient, and we were called at 6pm. The reassuring bit is that it is a charter, with a defined manifest, so they will delay the flight until all are on the plane. The second UK charter was 90 minutes late leaving, possibly for that reason.
  4. Oh dear, I am sorry to hear you are still there onboard. our thoughts are still with you all.
  5. A short update to advise we arrived home in Plymouth UK earlier this afternoon after a relatively uneventful journey (by comparison with the last three weeks!). When I’ve time i will read the 50+ posts since we left the ship yesterday, but for the moment we are enjoying some warm sunshine in our garden. First impressions are of the huge space we have and the peace and quiet!
  6. I'm signing off now as we've just had our letter delivered. We now have to wait for a phone call to go off and to airport for flight home. See you the other side!!
  7. FL I can understand your frustration! So here is a report from portside so far today. From early, all the baggage was removed from the ship and is all in the terminal on the carousels. A huge amount of stores has been loaded, food and stuff, even some sheets of window glass! The empty baggage carts have been loaded back on the ship, now all quiet shoreside. Disembarkation stopped before lunch. Hope this helps.
  8. Some concluding words, as we prepare to leave Coral Princess for our flight home to Plymouth, UK. We hope it will be today, as disembarking has been going on all morning. I will post again to confirm our arrival home. This cruise has been epic, with highs and lows. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the two passengers who sadly died on board, and to all the ones with illnesses and now safely in local hospitals. Our gratitude to Captain Balana and his wonderful crew, most of whom we didn’t meet but served us well. Also to our cabin steward Them
  9. Wichard and Mrs Wichard (!), likewise to have briefly met you both, and to have shared a epic voyage. I will write more later. Let us know when you get safely home.
  10. Completely agree. I am still on board and need to focus on facts directly on the Coral. HMG Consul General Miami has emailed UK nationals this evening, to tell us that 2 BA planes are coming to take us home tomorrow.
  11. No, don’t believe so. These are those within driving range, and being taken home by car. Cannot see beyond the terminal so no idea what happens beyond the wharf!
  12. In the last few minutes disembarkation has commenced. This will be US Florida residents. Big cheers and applause from us all lining the balconies. Lets hope tomorrow will be our turn.
  13. Current position from onboard at 10.55 local. Those wanting tv might now have something as a helicopter overhead. Very noisy so please can they go away. All large baggage collected for diisinfection. We go for health check from13.30. No other info just now.
  14. As Wichard has posted, we are due into Miami in about 1 hour.
  15. Thanks Foghorn Leghorn.... the programme is not one seen in UK 😀
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