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  1. Thanks for the recomendation. Can you give me a general idea of the price to get from the cruise port to Rome proper?
  2. Excellent. We are used to HAL. We have never been on NCL but the itinerary was about the best we have found so went with it. I wasn't really worried since it is easy enough to avoid the party if we want especially considering it is an 11 day cruise with all of 1 sea day but still, nice to know we shouldn't have trouble relaxing.
  3. We are booked for a Mediterranean itinerary next October. Now, of course, it's October so school will be in session and there will likely be fewer kids on board. I am curious though will the ship still have the "party" vibe common on Caribbean itineraries or will it likely be a bit quieter?
  4. Ooooohhhhhh, I understand. I did book through a TA but thought I could make a payment through the NCL website. That explains that.
  5. I wasn't planning on paying anything else until I had to I just wanted to know when the final payment was due. I see no payment link anywhere. I am using a tablet though, maybe that is why.
  6. I was browsing around my NCL account today trying to find what my final payment date is and how to make a payment and came up dry. Our cruise is still over a year away. Is that why? Can anyone tell me where to go to make a payment?
  7. Could you post a link to this itinerary please? Or let us know the embarkation date? It looks fantastic.
  8. DH and I just booked on NCL for a Mediterranean cruise in Oct 2021. We were hoping to go this fall but then the orthodontist said the oldest was ready for braces so there went that idea and then COVID19 happened anyway. I have cruised several times, mainly on HAL and once on RC. DH has only been on HAL. In general I prefer smaller ships and I don't like feeling nickel and dimed which I really felt like on RC and I didn't like that line at all. I do worry about that on NCL as well but with free UBC (plus gratuity of course), free specialty dining, internet, and a $200 shipboard
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