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  1. Good morning from rural North Yorkshire, Newbie cruiser here - still looking forward to my first cruise - its still scheduled for July 2020- but wont tempt fate!!! I like many on this forum seem to be blessed with a gorgeous visual landscape at home- i look out onto the Yorkshire Wolds - not a National Park like its big brother locations - the Moors- (Hearbeat & Hogwarts) or Dales ( James Herriot & DCI Banks etc.). David Hockney discovered us a few years ago but his following was not mainstream daytrippers so the hordes never really descended and as a location we live in rela
  2. Thankyou to all who replied to my initial 'ramblings'. I think i am going to 'hold out for a few more days in the hope that the British side of Cunards operations halves their balance due payments to reflect the American approach - which seems to have gone from 120-60 days.
  3. posted 35 mins ago on Celebrity's twitter account- do we think Cunard will follow suit ? https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising
  4. I am new to this forum and cruising, so please be gentle with my long missive, but i seem to share a number of issues that are being reflected, namely; 1. I have tried to engage with Cunard direct as has my travel agency - i have had no joy and she was( my TA) given the verbal response referred to yesterday by someone on this thread that there will be no changes to the British 90 day balance policy 2. I have to pay may balance by the end of this month or risk losing my deposit for a beginning July 2020 trip. 3. I cannot really 'afford' to lose the deposit so am encouraged to pa
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