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  1. My 30-year old son and his new similarly-aged wife just got back from their Honeymoon cruise on Windstar in Tahiti. The trip was our gift to them and we picked Windstar, in part (ahem…, Paul Gauguin cancelled on us) because there is usually a younger crown on Windstar. Well…They we’re by far the youngest couple on board. They made some nice friends who are in their 60’s (our age), refreshed their Hearts skills, plays some board games and pretty much had a really good time. My son’s quote, “we made some old friends.” Thank goodness Windstar has their water sports platform—I think the kids spent a lot of time there. Bottom line: with the right attitude you can make just about anything a good experience. I’m sure they would have enjoyed Regent too and we plan to take them with us one of these days.
  2. In many parts of the world right now you have to provide a negative covid test taken no more than 72 or 48 hours before departure or arrival (depending on the rules of each country) every time you cross an international boarder. For a Caribbean cruise (on which I am booked this November) we will be coming into a new country almost every day. If Regent is going to comply with local rules I can see how frequent testing may be necessary. On Viking right now they are testing every passenger every day as part of their protocol. The cruising are going and people seem to be enjoying themselves.
  3. My CSA/ Generali policy will cover us if we are not allowed to board or continue travel due to contraction of the Covid-19 virus.
  4. I think you could argue that you are not “perfectly healthy “ if you are covid positive.
  5. Other Cruise lines who are ACTUALLY sailing are dealing with this every day. From what I’ve read a confirming test is given if you test positive immediately before boarding (or in the case of Viking, every day of the cruise). If the follow-up test is also positive you are presumed positive and not allowed to board, whether you have symptoms or not. I would think any of us would not want covid positive pax on board—symptoms or no. This is the world we are living in right now—and maybe for some months to come. I’m still going to cruise if given the chance. Others may choose not to.
  6. This is very confusing. Some of the language at the end of the article seems to imply that businesses SHOULD be allowed to make decisions on Covid safety measures, which Florida’s law currently prohibit.
  7. Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.
  8. Boy, after reading all of these reports my takeaway is: “probably not in Miami”. We have had great experiences with Regent hotels and transfers outside of the US (Peru, Australia, Canada). We will (hopefully) be spending a night (and transfers) with Regent in Miami (our first) in November. I’m cautiously optimistic about the expected experience but after reading all this….?…I guess we’ll find out for ourselves. As we are becoming fond of saying, “You don’t know until you go.”
  9. Regent booked our pre night at the Conrad in Miami. November is still 4 months away. Hoping this gets sorted by then.
  10. We’ve set ourselves up for an interesting situation: We are disembarking from the Splendor in Athens on 11 November with a Regent-booked 3-day post-stay in Athens. Then we travel directly to Miami on Regent-provided air with a Regent-provided night in Miami before boarding the Explorer for the 15 November 24-night Caribbean cruise. It will be interesting to see what they do with us if things change.
  11. We used it in Sydney. The hotel (Mandarin Oriental) was very nice (if a bit crowed) and our room was better than a basic room (like a mini suite). We independently booked an additional couple of nights on our own at the same hotel and put us in the same upgraded room which was nice but I wouldn't count on that happening every time. We don't mind the bus, the luggage gets taken care of at the hotel and they timed the buses so there wasn't a jam at check-in at the dock.
  12. Marc, Guinea Pigs, here, reporting for duty! Stacy and I are on this cruise (coming directly from the Splendor in Athens). I have not received any notification about under-12s. We made final payment using FCCs. No proof of vaccination (we have it if asked) was required at final payment or since. The standard Guest Registration form was completed--no health questions so far. We are going to be on a Viking cruise in Iceland in August and I just completed the VeriFly app vaccination verification that Viking requires. Very easy to do. Basically upload pdf or picture of your CDC card and 10 minutes later they send you a "pass" that certifies to Viking that you have been vaccinated. It will be interesting to see if other cruise lines adopt a similar system. Not sure how that would square with the Florida law. Anyway, I will keep you all posted if the answers to your questions change. Jim
  13. We were trying to fill in the same time slot as our cancelled cruise so we signed up for March departures for both. Kind of a back-to-back with maybe time for a couple of days in Aqaba in between—we have heard there is good diving there.
  14. Thanks Wendy and David. Since our Dubai-Istanbul cruise on the Explorer was cancelled we booked a Uniworld river cruise to see the Egyptian antiquities and a land tour with Tauck to see Isreal and Jordan. I’m glad to hear your positive comments about Uniworld. It will be our first time with them and we booked with them on a recommendation from our TA. I think we will be happy with a much more relaxed pace with more time to enjoy the sights. The Suez Canal will stay on the list for another time.
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