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  1. The United States of America. We have been infected, and we are only part way through the miserable therapy. If we stop now, however, it may not just be back to square 1. We may be worse off than we started. The metaphorical resistant bacteria may be unleashed. Getting through this together means listening to the recommendations from health experts, understanding the rationale, being thorough about the treatment, and not giving up part way through. It also means providing constant reminders that this isn't the country's fault for that matter. Just we don't know for certain why the world became infected at this time in our history. Placing blame in this serves no purpose. I cast my eyes to the future and not to the past. There is proof the treatment being proposed for the country can work, and we should consistently remind each other of that. And we should also learn from other countries that have already started to slowly recover and more safely reopen. This is an opportunity to heal the country. To get them better. To make them whole in a way that they didn't think was possible. That can happen here as if we stay the course. The country and the world are facing a serious illness. But, it is treatable. It is fixable. Let's do this together. This is some of what a doctor wrote which makes sense we have to help each other and the less fortunate that's the only way we are going to beat this virus. I say let's kick Covid-19 butt. We will get thru this together we can't be selfish and just think just about ourself there is no I there is WE.
  2. I live in New York City and we are the epicenter of this virus. We are staying home and social distancing. We have lost a lot of lives due to this virus. This virus has caused our lives to be changed forever! It's a shame we live in one of the richest countries in the world and don't have enough essential things like Clorox wipes, disinfecting spray, toilet tissue and protective gear for the nurses and doctors. The government should be ashamed of themselves! Be safe stay home and we will get through this!
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