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  1. Not a bad idea at all. Wink wink. As above, rapid testing, isolate city by city and allow healthy cities to operate and provide material support to the nation while it treats the sick and tackles the virus. That is the essence of my post above. Rapid testing, quarantine, isolation and fast recovery for healthy zones and no restrictions for healthy zones.
  2. Yes I understand what that is doing and that sort of scenario I do not object to however I am here in Australia and things are slightly different. While we have only 6,900 cases and 97 dead we do have 24 million who have not been diagnosed with it. In short we have 99.971% of our population who have not caught the virus being forced to socially isolate and sit at home and do nothing. There are areas of our country that have not been touched by the virus. One would think a simpler solution would be to call up the military and reserves to isolate cities and towns and allow some citie
  3. Same with mine but in reality a lot of war veterans chose to fight and fought for freedom against the evils of tyranny and all sorts of horrors. Right now our society has hoisted the white flag and surrendered. I am not saying that wearing masks and keeping distance is not the right thing to do. What I am saying is that there are other measures that could have been taken to control, contain and defeat this virus.
  4. I do not question what my Doctor is qualified in but as far as my Doctor being confident of a vaccine that gives me confidence. From what I know the common cold is a different type of virus (rhinovirus) to this new coronavirus. The common cold is supposedly on the same branch of the virus family tree as polio. From what I have read SARS and MERS sent away quick enough so the money dried up that was funding a vaccine. I have read articles that vaccines were close to being developed and then the viruses waned off and vaccine research was stopped.
  5. That goes for everywhere in the world. Society cannot and will not continue like this and there is a tipping point for everything. If governments drag this out too long then there will be civil unrest, mass protests and uprisings against the authorities, if governments have a plan and people cooperate then things will return to normal quicker. Governments around the world know this and at some point we will see a return to normal vaccine or no vaccine and this virus will just run its course.
  6. There will definitely be a cure and vaccine. The medical Doctors I have spoken to on recent appointments are confident that there definitely will be both. Also the medical news I have been reading is that experts have identified proteins that are used in existing vaccines that have the ability to kill the virus and bind to it that are already approved for human use. As the virus fizzles out in Europe and we continue to watch over the summer techniques will be developed in the mean time to identify and isolate people reducing spread until a vaccine is produced. Out with the old of turning up to
  7. I think one will be earlier. It appears there is an existing protein used in vaccines that can kill the virus that is authorised for human use. The trick is to get the make up of the vaccine right. I believe some Israeli and European scientists have discovered this and was reported in some medical news. I am confident that if the news I read is correct then there will be a vaccine sooner rather than later.
  8. I have found a legal article here in Australia about the requirement to be a witness: https://www.gotocourt.com.au/criminal-law/police-statements/ From the article. Under no circumstances can you be forced to make a statement to police. You have the right to be silent. The police can only ask for your name, date of birth and address if they reasonably believe you have committed a crime or are about to commit a crime. It is also important to remember that, although the police can request that you attend a police station for the purpose of making a statement, they cannot make yo
  9. That is exactly my point all along. Who do we blame? the chinese communist party? xi jing ping? Border Force? the unwitting passenger(s) who caught it and brought it onto the ship? We are in a pandemic with a new virus beyond the scope of scientific knowledge that the experts are still learning about. To hold a ships Doctor or Captain or crew member responsible for actions beyond their control where a sequence of events has taken place with fault and blame at every step of the way is the wrong thing to do. The Ruby Princess crew thought they were safe. It is a waste of
  10. Several reasons. First the police will be inundated with rumours and hearsay and all the fake stories you hear on cruise ships like an overflowing morgue, punch-ups in the laundry, the elderly couple on a free cruise for slipping over on a flower petal, the late night sexual romps in the Jacuzzi, the unmarried couple who had a sordid affair in the ships lifeboats, and the list goes on... Second the police clearly have no grasp on what cruising is like and have nothing to compare it to and are at the risk of embarrassing themselves in a spectacular public way. Examples l
  11. I would not have a problem with the police investigation at all if NSW Health and the public officials were held to the same level of scrutiny as Princess. The way it was paraded on the news with the police raiding the ship seeking evidence. Why did they not raid the offices of NSW Health and obtain the paperwork from their office? Princess has presented evidence that they declared all the sick passengers. They took swabs for that new virus and even arranged for NSW Health to collect the swabs and test them. Even then given the fact that they had to release two passengers by ambula
  12. Definitely not when you take this into consideration: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-13/mick-fuller-ruby-princess-coronavirus-kitchen-galley/12144994?nw=0 The police invesstigation is nothing more than "stitch up" and "get Princess" operation. When you combine that with the one sided survey they are sending out it becomes 100% clear that the police operation is a stitch up and politically motivated and corrupt. After viewing the Special Commission of Inquiry run by Bret Walker SC an Australian Barrister then it is more professional and unbiased. The on
  13. The NSW police started their investigation before the Special Commission of Inquiry. That is thanks to NSW Opposition leader Jodi McKay (who also helped get the crew repatriated) immensely who was vocal in an independent inquiry was needed. I did not vote for her party at the last election and stuck to my regular political party and now it has shaken my political beliefs to the core. I also have been watching the SPI and it is impartial and I am sure whatever it finds will be honest and truthful (I hope). The NSW police commissioner has constantly acted in a way that displays bias
  14. Also this is behind a paywall but it appears the NSW Premier intervened directly to give this police commissioner a heft pay rise at the same time the Ruby Princess investigation is ongoing: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=DTWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailytelegraph.com.au%2Fnews%2Fnsw%2Fnsw-police-commissioner-mick-fullers-major-payday%2Fnews-story%2F92cbca81f9f0c10981a434c93a323e70&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium One would not want to think there could be some sort of corruption going on here. To be on a salary worth more tha
  15. Homicide and counter terrorism squad are investigating it. It is a massive cover up to shield our governments incompetence by letting the ship disembark passengers infected with that dreaded virus. The decisions have been made to charge Princess and crew members already. If you check this website: https://www.rubyprincessinquiry.nsw.gov.au/hearings/ you will see that the government already has a list of all the passengers that reported as sick. It will only be a matter of time before the NSW police turn their attention to the international guests who presented as sick on the cruise
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