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  1. Elkins45

    Fish Fry?

    They were open when I was there at the end of September.
  2. We ended up using Sunseeker Tours. It was a little pricy but they picked us up at the pier and dropped us off at LAX, so we feel like we got our money's worth.
  3. Our cruise returns at 7:00am but our flight doesn’t leave until late in the evening. We tried to book the LA tour shore excursion but it was cancelled due to a lack of demand. We would like something to do so we don’t have to spend hours just sitting in the airport. Is there an organized LA tour someone could recommend? In an ideal world they would pick us up at the pier and deal with our luggage, but Inwoukd be OK with paying to meet them somewhere as long as they could carry our luggage too. Dropping us off at LAX would be a plus. Any recommendations?
  4. I've never sailed on MSC so I don't know what to expect. We usually just skip formal nights altogether simply because I can get by with a carry-on if I don't need to pack dress shoes, etc. Can I get by with a collared shirt and jeans, or do I need dress pants and shoes? Do I need a sport coat? Tie? I really hate to play dress up on vacation just to be admitted into the dining room.
  5. I would absolutely do the test before I left home. If you wait until after you've flown into the port city then you've blown any chance of getting flight credit should you test positive and be denied boarding.
  6. Are there any of the shuttle companies that will pick you up at your hotel if you come in a day early? All the ones I found when searching just specify picking you up from the airport, but I won't be at the airport if I come in the day before.
  7. My wife and I usually cruise with Princess or Carnival, but since she’s working now and I’m not I decided to do some solo cruising. With Princess and Carnival a solo traveler essentially pays two fares minus port fees and taxes for the missing person. I’ve done a little looking around online and have discovered MSC charges only a slight premium for a single traveler, so I’m going on a four day by myself to check them out. Are there any other cruise lines that offer less than 2X rates for single travelers?
  8. My state is missing from my eTicket and it fills in the wrong town, probably because they are both tiny communities that share the same zip code. I've updated my info about six different times but the website never saves the changes. Then a few hours later I get mailed a new eTicket with exactly the same info as the last one. Surely they wouldn't turn me away at the port because my info is missing my state? Or should I call and wait on hold in the hope someone at MSC can fix it?
  9. I have the same issue on my 9-26 Divina sailing. I'm just going to show up when I get there and wait if I have to.
  10. I'm not a drinker and I never purchase drink packages, but the Labor Day sale includes the Easy Plus package for not a lot of extra money. I looked at the website and found a list of which particular brands it includes but nowhere can I find how many drinks per day. Do they just keep bringing you drinks until you pass out or is there a daily limit? If so, where do they specify this?
  11. We flew Delta but we booked using Flights by Celebrity. I’m not sure but my impression was that the change fee was to Celebrity. I’m saying this particular inside cabin was smaller (or at least felt that way) than the ones we had on the other lines. This particular cabin might be unusual in that regard. It’s a sample size of one 🙂
  12. I just finished my Celebrity survey so while it's still fresh in my head I thought I would come here and share my thoughts for better or worse. My wife and I sailed on the July 25-August 1 first return to service sailing of the Equinox. This was my fifth cruise and first with X, the previous ones being either Carnival or Princess. Rather than trying to compose a narrative I'm just going to post bullet points and you can decide whether they are positives or negatives. This is only the second cruise I've paid for, Alaska being the other. My wife gets "free" cruise offers from he casino all the time so our other cruises have only cost tips, port fees and transport to the port. We paid close to $1800 for the two of us for an inside cabin. The embarkation process wasn't bad. I used a X transfer from the airpot and met my wife, who was already in town after sailing on the Edge by herself the previous week. We were scheduled for 2:00 but they did let us on a little early, which was nice because their transfer company dropped me off around 12:00 and the sun was hot. There wasn't great communication between the workers because you could ask the same question to two different people and get different answers. We were in cabin 7150. It was extremely clean and in great condition but it was easily the tiniest cabin I've ever been in. The beds were curved at the foot so no matter how I tried to position myself one foot was hanging off. Fortunately I don't go on cruises to spend a lot of time in my cabin. The ship was elegant in an understated way. Very nice, spotless and quite comfortable. I can't say it was a whole level of luxury above the Princess ships I've experienced, but it was very nice. The Captain and Cruise Director were nice and personable. The Captain did a donut in the harbor to celebrate their return to cruising and he seemed quite proud of it. He did a talk about the building and operation of the ship and was both funny and informative. Buffet was served. You grab your plate and the servers handle the utensils and put the food on it for you. I never had to wait more than a couple of minutes so it wasn't an inconvenience at all. I actually liked this better than the old way of everybody putting their filthy hands on the spoons. Given we were sailing at reduced capacity I'm not certain how well it will work once they return to 100%. Service in the main dining room started out very slow and improved only to moderately slow by the end of the cruise. You could tell the staff hadn't worked together before and so they were not communicating well and getting in each other's way. I expect this will improve a lot in coming weeks and they develop a routine. Overall food quality was excellent. I think this was probably the best food of any of my (admittedly few) cruises. I thin there was only one entree that I didn't care for and that might just have been a taste preference and not a quality issue. If I had access to food this good at home I would weigh 400 pounds! I was told that since Celebrity is a premium cruise line I would see a different level of behavior than the Carnival ("the Walmart of cruise lines") crowd, but I didn't see as much of a difference as I was expecting. There were not as many loud, public drunks but they were just replaced by more people being jerks to the staff. Some people just love being bullies and apparently poor foreign cruise ship staff just trying to make a meager living are their favorite targets. The poor girl who stood outside the buffet directing people to wash their hands took way more abuse than anyone should have to endure. I saw some really nasty and uncalled for behavior from people who were old enough to know better. The shows were great. They had two well-known comedians, Dan Grueter and Ronn Lucas, as well as some great production shows. Best dancers I've seen on a cruise. The reduced capacity made many things easier. You hardly ever had to wait for an elevator and leaving/entering the ship at the ports was speedy. My overall impression is that we had a great time, and it was great to get back out on the ocean on a big ship again. My enthusiasm was somewhat tempered because between the time in late May when we booked and the time we sailed three of the original ports (PR, DR and Tortola) were deleted. Of the three ports we visited (St. Marrten, St. Thomas and Nassau) only one was on the schedule when I paid for the cruise. I know we could have shifted but my wife had a short time window and we wold have lost $400 in flight change fees. I really wanted to see PR and had already been to 2/3 of the ports we visited. We had a good time and both agree we would do it again, but based on this one example I'm not sure that I see as big of a difference between the X experience and my four previous cruises on 'lower tier' lines as I was expecting based on this forum.
  13. They didn't say, but IIRC if you read the fine print in their health and safety info it sounds like they will.
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