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  1. Interesting documentary on Diamond Princess on NHK... https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/documentary/20200509/4001358/ Repeats are on again Sunday and I'd imagine will be on demand after that.
  2. Really? Well we already knew from the transcript of the doctor's testimony that she failed to send the final log before disembarkation and didn't send it until the following day after NSW Health queried why some people that were swabbed weren't on the log at all. Now according to ABC news on TV earlier tonight it would appear NSW Health assessed Ruby as low risk based on the old illness log which had lower figures than the actual figures whereas if the correct figures were reported it would have been in the medium risk category which would have mandated health officers
  3. If you read the transcripts it would appear that the doctor discussed the possibility of passengers having COVID-19 with them... MR BEASLEY: Okay. Thank you for that. I just want to ask you just before we proceed on with what happened on the morning the ship docked in Sydney on the 19th of March. With Mr Londero and Mrs Bacon, they obviously knew that they’d been tested for influenza, correct? DR VON WATZDORF: Yes. MR BEASLEY: And they would have known that they’d tested negative for flu. DR VON WATZDORF: Yes. MR BEASLEY: And they wou
  4. The amount of ill disclosed were similar, more with high temperatures. The inexplicable, however, is that the global pandemic situation had advanced exponentially from the 1st cruise to the 2nd yet somehow the 2nd cruise is less riskier than the 1st?!?
  5. The article is correct in stating the 1st cruise was deemed medium risk, despite Princess apparently failing to declare any illness to NSW Health (they did declare to federal Dept of Agriculture though). The 2nd cruise was somehow inexplicably deemed low risk... https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/coronavirus-australia-explosive-developments-in-ruby-princess-cruise-ship-saga-c-957325
  6. A technical point, but you can sue a business name. However, this is generally only in the rare situation when you don't know which legal entity owns the business name (because the business name is not registered and you can't ascertain the entity via other avenues). When there's a registered business name you would sue the legal entity.
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