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  1. Indeed, they received funding 1 day later and have about a year where they can survive. And yet the original poster was criticizing Carnival for having the audacity for raising funding. One could argue that with Carnival selling a stake to the Saudis that they are in the best position of the cruise lines. I just found it fasincating that someone could criticize carnival for raising money when all cruises line have had to do that and that they will use other cruise lines in future when all cruise lines have processing and refund delays as everyone is in the same boat. Could it be that Carnival isn't deliberately trying to upset people and is doing the best it can?
  2. It was NCL who had the bankruptcy warning, a different cruise company and one the poster seems to adore since he's going to give money to every other cruise line except Carnival's.
  3. May I diplomatically suggest that you check the news then? NCL declared this week a bankruptcy warning if they didn't get their funding which they just about managed to do. So they are in a worse place than Carnival Corporation. Could you tell me a line which doesn't have any issues and which line you're going to use instead then?
  4. Which makes sense, add in sickness and people having to care for relatives and it is no wonder it is slow.
  5. Who says that they are keeping the money to stay in business? That is pure gossip and speculation. The fact is Carnival managed to raise billions last week and has enough cash to survive so the idea that they need to keep your 4k just to stay afloat doesn't match the reality and the facts. I get it is frustrating but what do you want them to do? They have hundreds of thousands of people to get to and everyone has their own booking so it isn't going to be possible when offices are closed and there is a virus getting people sick to be able to personally and individually stop everything just to do your own personal booking. There simply isn't enough hours in the day to give everyone their refund all in 1 go and it isn't like they can hire extra staff right now with the offices closed as those staff would need training up properly.
  6. I know when you book with an agency that refunds go back to the agency normally - does anyone know because we could cancel direct with carnival by using the online form, whether we will receive our monies directly back from carnival or do we have to wait for carnival to send the t/a the money and then the t/a to refund us?
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