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  1. We’ve been very fortunate to have sailed aboard the Amsterdam many times always good times in remote destinations around the world. Captain Mercer positioning for one of the ports. Papua, New Guinea boy in a dugout canoe. The Amsterdam security team making sure we were safe in pirate territory. The last picture of them waiting final word for the last cruise passengers for disembarkation in Fremantle Australia March 2020. We all hope to continue the tradition on the Zaandam
  2. $3500 each which seemed like a lot early for a 2022 cruiseWC, and I may jumped to conclusions. After researching back we paid $7000 in Aug. 2017 for the 2019WC. Sorry all
  3. Anyone else a little nervous about Holland America increasing their required deposit amount for the 2022 world cruise?
  4. We didn’t insure our luggage, hopefully arriving at our home in a few weeks. Your idea of HA notifying persons of actions would be nice and should be standard procedure. Seeing actions on ones credit card should always have some kind company interaction.
  5. Yesterday received $200 from HA on my credit card. Thinking maybe payback. We paid $200 future cruise credit in 2019 onboard for the 2021 WC We paid $200 future cruise credit in 2020 onboard for the 2022 WC. Did anyone else receive this backup from HA. Didn’t try HA because of their latest challenge.
  6. Three months latter cruising on small ships just starting with the virus not contained on these small cruises, I believe your 100% right . We’ll see what it will be like in three more months In Nov.
  7. All of this could have happened because “ they wished to raise X amount of money” and just maybe the money didn’t come through. Imagine the double digit interest Yo pay on the loan. All the while no income coming I in from the US market. Just my thoughts
  8. It could be large ports on different trips givIng more people the chance to travel without having to drive great distances.
  9. I repeat I believe Carnival has made a major mistake by selling to a competitor. Fred Olson has now decided to send one of its 1325 passenger cruise ship to America for the first time itinerary. Just a start. Imagine a cruise itinerary going from LA to San Fran. to Vancouver every 21 days or so all year long going to the Polynesian Islands with other stops along the way. I believe it would be nearly full every time. Just right for one of these competitors with the right size ship. Just my thoughts
  10. Haven’t booked this world yet, could someone who has the 01/05/2021 Miami to Rome confirmed give me their penalty and cancellation dates. Thank you very much
  11. Received an email from. “ Nathan Brockmann, Holland America, office of the president“ guestrelations@hollandamerica.com
  12. I’ve thought I was the only one. After many many years things never got any better. Hopefully the new IP person Mentioned earlier can make things right.
  13. I’ve found the Holland America website to be one of worst I’ve ever used. Anyone else have problems
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