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  1. I’ve had problems for years, and believe Holand America is incapable of permanently fixing there site for us IPad users
  2. What’s everything think about Holland America’s overall big boss Donald Arnold’s big pay raise of 19% to 13 million in 2020
  3. My advise when finalize your travel of any kind make a hard copy of what ever you agreed too!
  4. Capacity is I believe means full to capacity. If that is the case none of the world cruises I’ve been on is close to capacity. Think of all the singles and cabins meant for up to four. The rooms left for entertainers and special speakers. Passengers leaving for all types of reasons. 100 less than full capacity would be easy for me to believe is normal, but I could be wrong.
  5. If we didn’t have future cruise credits paying for our next two cruises we wouldn’t be going.
  6. They are punishing the cruise industry, to much power in my view. Even with some cruise lines requiring 100% passengers and crew. In my view it’s way overboard.
  7. My favorite was party boy Gene Young he had the best entertainment and activities in my view wish he was back with HA
  8. On March 15 China started issuing China Visas only with official proof of COVID-19 vaccination to U.S. citizens.Visas issued prior to March, 28,2020 aren’t valid at this time. Looks like people who don’t get vaccinated won’t be doing cruise ship cruising. And probably not traveling to to many of the worlds destinations without being vaccinated in my view.
  9. Big news around here no Duke in the tournament, first time in a long time. but glad to hear Greece is accepting vaccinated cruisers
  10. We took the %125 for 2020 WC it paying for the 2022 WC less port fees and taxes. Plus had over $11000 fcc for next years Voyage of the Vikings. We’re well satisfied since Holland gave us 125% for last years world Cruise that we onboard over 60 days. Plus they paid us back for unused port fees.
  11. Booked the 180 day insignia WC , have a question about clothing space after viewing a A3 stateroom video closet space seems to be lacking for a WC. We’ve been on several Holland America WC which have plenty of space. Anyone here with a opinion, thanks
  12. I believe the u.s. Supreme Court has weighed in on vaccinations and found in several cases brought before them that requiring them is legal if in the publics best health interest. In the case of cruise ships, I would say it’s in all our best health interests and the people we interact with in other countries while traveling.
  13. Not a fair question for many. Thousands have cruise credits, some many thousands of dollars, that cannot be redeemed for cash. For those it’s sail or give it to cruise companies.For those that sways vote enormously.
  14. If you had read the original post for this thread you would know, it’s spelled out.
  15. Yes that is a dividend in my view, if you don’t cruise CCL you get nothing.
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