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  1. Good news. Credit hit our credit card account last night. Covered refund of deposit and small tour fee, only hits were the $100 per person penalty and $350 air fee. Again, thank you for starting and moderating this thread!
  2. Now near 60 days and no word or status. TA was advised by RSSC it could be up to 90 days.
  3. scheduled sail date 9/2/20cancelled excursions 4/8/20cancelled cruise 4/8/20no refunds as of 5/21/20 Deposit less custom air fee and $100 per person Great idea. Thank you for starting and maintaining it.
  4. In our instance it was a plain and simple decision: for our 14 day cruise scheduled to depart Venice Sept 2nd a refund, less the $100 per passenger. It took Regent 8 days to cancel the reservation, then we were told it would take up to two weeks to refund, then 30 days and now 90 days. Should note our request was made last week of March and every passing day we are more sure we made the right decision.
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