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  1. LOL, I am not dodging your questions. I've answered every one of them from my perspective. Rather, I think you are dodging my point. Let's not be contentious. I don't know what you are trying to get me to say. For your review - Regent has promised a 100% refund of the cruise days not cruised. This has not been paid yet. Please take Regent out of this discussion because it does not pertain to them, except confirm that they already paid the TA their FULL commission. TA offered and promised a "courtesy" ( rebate, amenity, whatever you want to call it) and has not paid that, but wants to reduce it because the cruise ended early. However, she has received her commission in full. TA's agreement has nothing to do with Regent. It's between two private parties. My point is, she has had this money for a long time, but has not followed through on the agreement with me. Further, she had no reduction in her commission, so why would she withhold a percentage of that commission from me---an offer she made and agreed to give! (I never asked for it, but it's what they do for their clients) How would you feel if someone did not honor their agreement with you in this situation?
  2. I have received nothing from the TA or Regent.
  3. Let's take Regent out of this discussion simply to clarify my point. Besides, this is an agreement between my TA and myself and has nothing to do with the cruise line. Let's say the TA gets the their commission, 100%, no deductions for the cruise ending early (which we know if the case). Then the TA turns around and wants to deduct 50% of what she contracted with me. On what basis is the TA making this deduction? Why would they reduce my rebate when they received their full commission? If the TA took a hit, I would too. They didn't, so why should I? I think it's good business to keep commitments and honor agreements. I am not asking for more. I am simply asking for them to do the right thing and not try to make that extra "50%" off of an extenuating circumstance.
  4. If my TA gets a commission based on our cruise fare and Regent guarantees that 100% then the same courtesy should be applied to the guest. If our TA gave us the courtesy when your documents were sent, they would not ask for a refund of the money. The courtesy is an agreement between the TA and client, it is spelled out in our statement from their office which also included the travel insurance. So all monies are noted including what's paid and what's agreed upon. My point is, if the TA makes a commitment, they should honor it. However, if they lost a percentage of their commission and had to pay back Regent, I would not expect the full amount either. Since they are keeping the full commission, they should honor their commitment to us. That courtesy has nothing to do with our refund from Regent. This is an agreement between the TA and us. I wanted to know when the commissions were paid and when fellow cruisers received their courtesy. I think from the feedback, our TA had the money long ago and a reduction in our benefit (which they offered and I never asked for) is petty and arbitrary on the part of the TA. Thank to each of you for enlightening me. SimpleSailor2
  5. I can't be too specific. No hurt feelings and such. Recent Regent cruise was cancelled while we were onboard. Took 100% refund offer from Regent for days not sailed. Waiting for refund. TA has not given us our agreed upon "courtesy" saying it will now be adjusted (downward) because we didn't complete all the days onboard. I thought TA's received their commission when we made full payment. Do they have to refund their commission or portion of to Regent for the adjustments? I think some guests received their "courtesy's" when the trip started. Others when it ends. Ours ended, but no sign of "courtesy" as agreed upon prior to trip. Not sure how to handle this with our TA. We're pretty new at cruising and new to using TA's. Some seasoned advice and thoughts would be really appreciated. Thanks, Simple Sailor2
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