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  1. Iona 14th August Entertainment Signature performances became available to book c. midnight Vocalist Lloyd Wade : Session Man Headliners : Festival Comedian Manuel Martinez Vocalist Lloyd Wade : Soul Review Headliners : Centre Stage Nothing available to book under the other categories at this stage, albeit the 'Book' button is showing against some of the other options.
  2. Refund received for J005 31st May Baltic cruise. Checked credit card today and noted refund for excursions: had requested refunds on 19th and 23rd April for these. Cheque received today for deposit and balance combined. This was requested 23rd April. We had paid deposit by credit card and balance by debit card and had been expecting refunds direct to the cards, so surprised to receive a cheque. No emails received from P&O to advise payments had been processed. That's all our refunds received now thank goodness. Here's hoping that refunds for fellow cruisers now continue to come through in a more timely manner than we had experienced for our earlier March cruise that we had previously commented on.
  3. Englebert Very disappointed to hear you are still waiting. Whilst cruise refund thread suggests that some from March may still be awaiting refund I can't recall recent reference to our R003. If you haven't contacted P&O yet to chase suggest you should do so and ask if they can escalate so you receive your refund without further delay. Paul Ludlow had said within 60 days and you are now on 78 so any further delay is unacceptable. There have been suggestions on cc that there had been issues with early cruises, hence you should chase to ensure they are actioning for you promptly. Good luck.
  4. Refunds for deposit and balance now back on credit cards. For R003 Aurora, where we had received letter whilst onboard advising we would receive full refund. We did not complete a refund claim form for this cruise. Refunds were processed 19 May and went through to cards on 21st and 22nd. We did not receive any email advising that refund had been processed. Hope all our fellow cruisers on R003 receive outstanding refunds shortly.
  5. Like you we were relying on the assurance we were given whilst onboard that our refund would come through automatically within a week. We did not contact P&O immediately following disembarkation nor did we complete a refund request form, which we noted you did recently. We had followed up with P&O during April and concluded that refund should be forthcoming within 60 days. So, that would have meant refund due by 15 May, if you consider 16 March plus 60 days. However, when we phoned today we were told that P&O had applied 7 April as our starting point and not 16 March as we had assumed would be the case. 7 April plus 60 days = refund due by 6 June. Difference between 15 May and 6 June is 3 weeks. Hopefully above is clearer now.
  6. Phoned P&O this morning to check regarding our refund for R003 which ended early on 16 March after 5 days at sea. Still awaiting refund. (Posted under Aurora topic) Whilst on hold message regarding refunds advises refunds should be up to 60 days from date you submitted refund request form online. Noted some posts on here questioning how P&O are supposed to be handling, hence advising on current recorded message as at today.
  7. Spoke to P&O again this morning re. R003. They confirmed that our booking has 'refund tag' against it dated 7 April. Up to 60 days from that date would take us to 6 June. I said it is unacceptable that P&O took 3 weeks from our disembarkation of 16 March to apply refund request to our account and as a consequence add additional 3 weeks to timescale. The lady I discussed with was very understanding and should be emailing relevant team to escalate. That team won't be working until Monday so presume it's Finance. So, for anyone on R003 still awaiting refund it may be worth contacting P&O to double check you have 'refund tag' applied to your booking.
  8. Following on from our above #37 comment. We are still awaiting refund too. We did receive email response in April from Guest Relations in respect of customer complaint we had raised but, all that did was confirm up to 60 days for refund. We have sent follow up email this morning requesting confirmation of date when refund will be on credit card (direct booking) as 60 days up this week. We will update on here as and when we receive response from P&O.
  9. Spoke to customer services at P&O on 7th April regarding refund for R003. Whilst letter we received onboard advised credit cards will be refunded within a week, they said on 7th that it could be up to 60 days. They checked our booking reference and confirmed that they do have our respective card details for deposit and balance refunds to be made to. We need to keep checking our accounts periodically to see if we've received the refunds.
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