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  1. This... but they have helper T cells that come in. I don’t think antibodies mean anything to be honest. Some people don’t get them and don’t get reinfected. They have never studied a coronavirus the way they are studying this one though. I would be curious for them to study the flu like this as well. I’m actually curious if I have flu antibodies. I must... in early February my girls got flu b and I got nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️ here’s a study on the T cells https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.29.174888v1
  2. Yeah and a lot of people will definitely refuse the vaccine
  3. Honestly I don’t think the antibodies really mean anything. A lot of people don’t show up with measurable antibodies but they are finding that the helper T cells are making a huge difference in preventing re infection or serious symptoms. I have a few friends that just got sick and they shared a drink with my other friend that I got sick back in March. 2 days later her sister and cousin both tested + for Covid. My friend got NOTHING. Her dr said since she has no antibodies it is her helper T cells. That’s why when my kids get the flu, common cold, etc, I rarely get sick. My body know
  4. The average onset of symptoms is 5 days. They say 97% of people will show symptoms by day 11. My friends who just had it 2 weeks ago got it 2 days after exposure. Super mild cold symptoms for them.
  5. I tested positive for antibodies so I feel like it definitely went under the radar on the Royal Princess. I still can’t wait to get back to cruising!
  6. Thank you for the email!! I didn’t receive this. The cruise was great! The crew was amazing. I’m glad you saw there was a lot of coughing as well! At least I wasn’t imagining it. Glad you didn’t get sick! We had a 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 and 1 year old on board with us. I suspect that is how any germs got to us lol. I was washing hands like crazy but you know how little kids are. My kids got little coughs but nothing serious thankfully. Us adults got it worse. So strange.
  7. Thank you! I 100% would never blame the cruise. People are dishonest going on cruises all the time. That’s why there are so many outbreaks in general. And honestly getting sick is a part of life. All of my kids go to preschool and let me tell you we have had SO many different viruses through our home and I don’t blame the preschool. It’s part of being a mom of little kids.
  8. It would be nice to have immunity but I’ve also been seeing that they are having people test positive again so I don’t know what to think 🥴😂
  9. I agree. I live in OC and my friends daughter goes to a school where people flew in from Wuhan after it all broke out. She never got sick but it was a stressful time for them knowing they had exposure.
  10. I was so nervous for your guys ship. The morning we disembarked, they were telling us over the speakers to proceed with disembarking as they were running 30 minutes early. We felt like we were kind of rushed off. Our illnesses were mild but I definitely haven’t felt that crappy in a long time.
  11. Lol that’s the other reason why I am so curious because all 4 of my friends got sick... I stayed away from them for a week but I still had no smell and a slight cough but no fever and they all still got sick! It was strange to me. I mean they see other people as well but I would have never went around them had I thought I was potentially carrying it.
  12. Yes, they say that the crew member tested negative in their twitter and FB updates from March 11th. So that’s good... but I also have heard reports of others getting sick after getting off but at this point it was probably so widespread so could have been everywhere
  13. Thank you guys. I definitely won’t be suing Princess for anything and think it’s insane that some people are. We all knew there was a pandemic going on, I was nervous and wanted to not go, they wouldn’t refund us though. But that was part of the contract when we agreed to go and as another poster stated, there were few confirmed cases at the time. There could have been unconfirmed cases, but again, we won’t know until antibody testing. on a good note, the cruise was great! My 1 year old has anaphylactic food allergies and they are the first people I’ve allowed to cook for her besides
  14. Hello! I am a long time lurker that’s just made a profile because I am searching for info. First off, I want to give a disclaimer that I am not blaming princess for any illnesses whatsoever. People get sick. That’s a part of life. We went on the cruise sailing from San Pedro 2/29-3/7 right before they stopped all cruises. There were people coughing EVERYWHERE. It is flu season so it honestly could have been the flu. I got sick starting with night sweats on the cruise. I thought I had been drinking too much so didn’t think much of it. On sat night after getting home, my thro
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