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  1. Zaandam! Edit: adding the names- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
  2. Thank you for doing that faster than I! 🙂
  3. I'm sorry but I laughed at this, all knowing too well this feeling as I am Deaf myself too. Case in point, me walking across the gym floor in high school when we were supposed to walk along the sidelines. Teacher screamed at me until a fellow classmate told them I was Deaf. Took 3 other teachers to convince her that yes I really did not hear her yelling at me and was not faking it. Me? Totally oblivious of it all until the classmate told me. So yes...
  4. Wonderful to see that it is not a lost art after all! I must have missed them while on the Nieuw Amsterdam - now I know where to look or ask. Thank you all for responding, and I'm enjoying the thought process going on here.
  5. Seems that snail mail is going the way of the dodo bird... or so it seems. I still love it when I get an handwritten letter, let alone the VERY rare postcard (my aunt still sends me one when she travels). My question is about ship postcards - or rather, postcards with the image of ships that you're sailing on. I got one onboard the Carnival Inspiration (may she RIP) back in 2010. Sent it via the ship mailbox (they had one onboard!) The postcard arrived after 6 weeks, long after I had returned from my sailing! Then a hiatus of sailing until 2017 when I sailed on the Nie
  6. I saw it somewhere on these boards that someone suggested a voice activated elevator. I sincerely hope this does not pass as it would alienate a large number of folks, myself included, who are Deaf or cannot use their voices. Imagine, I would be stuck inside the elevator hoping someone comes along onboard to voice the deck I want to go to. How long would I have to ride the elevator until someone comes on for the deck I want?
  7. Trying to see the ship side to that pile of blocks. But yes. Looks like it still has the shrunken Promenade Deck as well.
  8. Thank you for sharing! Looks like they have some cleaning up to do! (Namely swap out letters in the nameplate heh!)
  9. Are there any pictures of the construction of the Rotterdam (formerly Ryndam) floating around? Asking as I saw RCI threads for Odyssey and Wonder as well as a thread for Carnival's Mardi Gras. I would think with her being this far along there would be more pictures?
  10. Plenty of murder, romance, and/or tragedy novels out there (very few well written as many of them get ship facts wrong which irks me to no end, especially the historical fiction ones set on real ships such as thr Lusitania) But the ones that do stand out are the following: Fiction: The Cat's Table (Michael Ondaatje) Death on the Nile (Agatha Christie) The Man in the Brown Suit (Agatha Christie) Stowaway (Karen Hesse - childrens) Bloody Jack (YA series about female ship captain - LA Meyers) The Woman in Cabin 10 (Ruth Ware) Killer Cruise (Laura
  11. So am I. Always eager to learn something new. On a bridge tour of a ship, I asked the officer leading the discussion if they ever used paper maps or sextants should a computer crash occur. I was surprised to see that yes, they have used the sextant "on one occasion" and the paper maps "never, but they're there". I would have thought it would have been more routine to know the different options should one fail for whatever reason. (And they were surprised that little 20 years old something female, disabled (Deaf), me even knew what a sextant was... I have my Playmobil
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