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  1. Dec 13th is a slow week. I would wait as long as I could. MSC drops prices alot to fill ships. I booked MSC Meraviglia 4 months out for a Feb 2 Western Caribbean, and got a Bella balcony for $625. Then I see 3 or 4 weeks out they offered balconies for $379. I will try to wait for the big drops in the future.
  2. Sorry to hear of the disappointments you experienced. An 11 days cruise is pretty long for a first voyage. This darn Corona virus has everything messed up. Don't give up on cruising. My wife and I love it. 30 cruises and counting. The best thing we like is once you park your bags you settle into a slow relaxed routine. Not always reaching for your wallet, not wondering where will we eat and how do we get there. Give yourself time heal and forget, then give it another try. We cruised Tahiti and that trip is etched in our fondest memories. Regards, Jim
  3. I sailed on the Feb 2 MSC Meraviglia. 4 hours to board the ship. 4 TSA Scanners to handle 4000+ cruisers. 13 clerks upstairs to check in 4000+ cruisers. They tried to blame temperature testing for corona virus. That was very fast. One bright note. We made some great friends in the TSA line and enjoyed their company many times on the cruise. Would not sail out of Miami again if it can be avoided.
  4. Snorkeling in front of the Grand Roatan Hotel is second to none. Amazing reef structure right off shore. And a neat wall to snorkel near. Bring dog biscuits, they hold up well in the water and the fish love them.
  5. Hi Michele, You're going to be very happy with Oceania. I've done several cruises with them and they do it right. One side dish in the steak restaurant is the lobster mac-n-cheese. Yummy. Free water bottles when leaving ship. Grill in the buffet room offered Steak and Lobster every night. The food was tops! Great happy hours. Enjoy, Jim
  6. Has anyone noticed if any of the bars on the Meraviglia were showing live sporting events? I am hoping to see the Superbowl on Feb 2nd, embarkation day. Thanks, Jim
  7. Both shows are on Youtube. Check them out and decide.
  8. I was wondering the individual cost of the Formula 1 or Flight simulators in the amusement area on board the Meraviglia. Is the $100 for a fun pass worth it. I only anticipate trying these things a couple of times.
  9. Checking this morning, it appears the Glory left COZ around 1:45am est. Combined with the picture of a small hoist next to the damaged area, I would bet they chose to debris as much as they could and still make NO on time. They are running 23 knots now. Hope future cruises go off on schedule or very close to schedule.
  10. Ray98 you are dead on. Get information from the people in the know. And I'm pretty sure it will be accurate when released. Some folks are like today's media, trying to make more out of it.
  11. Everyone should stop guessing. https://www.myshiptracking.com/ Shows Glory docked. I'm fairly certain assessment and decisions will occur before it moves again. So probably tonight or at the latest early Saturday morning Carnival will be notifying folks of the plan. Carnival is certainly concerned that 3000 passengers scheduled for the 22nd sailing need info fast. So be cool. I know what a stressful situation this is. I've done 23 cruises all over the world and know that all the pieces have to fall in place. All the prepaid stuff, from cars, planes, dog sitters, and etc are important. Also the time. The job might not lend itself to a vaca until next year. So my thoughts are with all the passengers in waiting to get some good news. P.S. A ship in port for 8 or so hours can get alot of debris removed and temp fixes in place.
  12. My best recommendation for Grand Cayman is Soto's Cruises, https://www.sotoscruises.com/. Stingray City and Coral Gardens snorkel. We used them 4 or 5 times. Small group of 12 or 14. Very professional. Pickup and drop off at the pier. They give you sardines to feed the stingrays. The rays are like big puppy dogs. They come around begging for snacks. Not mean or dangerous, just slippery.
  13. Thank you for the fabulous posts and pictures. My wife and I are doing this same itinerary in February. Would it be possible to post the Daily from Wednesday? Thanks again and enjoy Ocean Cay tomorrow. Regards, Jim
  14. Followup, I just checked https://www.cruisemapper.com/ and The Meraviglia is tendering in Belize and my itinerary on my account page says docked. So not sure the docked in Coxen Hole is accurate. I'll wait until tomorrow and check cruisemapper again the see the ship.
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