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  1. I had a cruise booked on Royal for this December, but only put down the initial down payment (of which I requested a refund for due to the pandemic and received a future cruise credit). After what happened earlier this year with trying to get a refund back from Carnival, there was no way I was going to pay everything again upfront. As of right now, that cruise is still scheduled to take place. Like most people, if I rebook it, it’ll be a last minute thing, which is fine. I really would like to go, but don’t want to book something that might yet still be cancelled.
  2. Does anyone know (or remember) the name of that funny video program they show on the big screens on Royal Caribbean Ships? It shows people and animals doing funny and crazy things.
  3. Finally received a full refund this morning after 49 days for our cruise that was scheduled to leave this Saturday, 5/23. I am done with Carnival.
  4. As of this morning, I have received all but the actual Carnival cruise (itself) money. I guess they're releasing it in drips and drabs, stay tuned!
  5. I agree, I don't think they are refunding by cruise date, I think they are refunding by the date of the requested refund.
  6. An update to my situation, I had booked the drink packages and shore excursions on my credit card and the cruise (itself) on my debit card. I called my credit card company this morning, they credited me for the drink packages and shore excursions, I tried the same thing with my debit card for the cruise itself, they would not do it. So out of $3,500.00 total, I have now gotten $1,000.00 back, which is a start...
  7. When I cancelled our trip (scheduled for May 23rd) on April 1st, the only thing I got from Carnival was a "Shore Excursion Cancellation Notification", nothing for the cruise itself. It has been 34 days and counting, no refund of any kind as of yet...
  8. I cancelled on April 1st with Carnival, then they cancelled my cruise, allowing me to get a 100% refund. I was told (like most people) "it will take a while", and "it may take up to 90 days, because people are working from home." I'll be calling next week when it hits the 30 day mark for an "update."
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