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  1. I seem to be the opposite of how other people received refunds. I recelved nearly all of the cruise fare, taxes and port fees back on one debit card this morning. The remainder of the cruise fare was on another debit card with another bank, so it just may be they have it but are slower in processing. I did not receive the $152 for steakhouse reservations which was on the same card as the credit I received this morning. All in all, I have nearly all of my very close to $4,000 back so I am very, very relieved and hope the rest of the refunds come through for all of you soon.
  2. With all due respect I don't believe any of us really know how Carnival is processing these refunds. We are all veteran cruisers, Platinum, Diamond, whatever. There are a lot of people who were in a much different financial situation when they laid out the money for their cruise who are in a much different financial position than they are today through no fault of their own. I fully understand the frustration waiting for a refund with an unknown date.
  3. Is it possible that refunds issued for AMEX cards are processed quicker on their end than other banks? My cruise was just under $4,000 paid on debit cards from TD Bank and Bank of America.
  4. April 27th was the sailing date. I cancelled March 11th.
  5. Day 54 still no refund. I chose a full refund rather than FCC. Like many who post here we are Diamond Level with Carnival. I have called the Diamond Desk several times and have gotten answers of 10-14 days, 30 days and 90 days. Refunds are certainly not one of the perks for Diamond level guests 🙂
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