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  1. Carnival cancelled my Sept.20th 2020 Radiance cruise out of NYC on April 1st. Filled out the refund form April 2nd that was sent via email. Waited til April 27th to call Carnival to find out the status of the refund. I'm a travel agent and knew the refund was taking unusually long; I should at have least had confirmation that the cruise was cancelled in the Cruise Manager, but it was still showing. Called Carnival and the rep said they haven't even looked at the forms yet as there were so many, but he went ahead and cancelled the cruise right then and there. It disappeared from my Cruise Manag
  2. Well /I/ booked directly with Carnival and it's been over 110 days.
  3. I had to do the SAME thing. I filled out the cancellation form that was emailed to me, requesting a 100% refund. I took screenshots of everything to cover myself down the road if needed. Never heard anything back. I was curious too, so I called Carnival on May 27th when I'd noticed my cruise was still showing in my Cruise Manager despite Carnival confirming in the original email that the itinerary had been cancelled for that ship. I spoke to a nice representative, but he did not see anywhere where I had requested a refund, could not find in the system where the 'form' would be to look up. I ha
  4. All Carnival Radiance sailing through November 1st. Ours was Sept 20th out of NYC.
  5. Carnival cancelled our cruise for September so if they're going by sail date I will be waiting a very long time! Not happy!
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