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  1. You would think so, however, as I've pointed out, I've spent over 40 hours on the phone with them so clearly customer service isn't their main priority. When they cancelled the second one, I called and asked the options and I was told "Since you already had FCC's, they have been reissued under the same number." I said "One of our passengers may not be able to cruise at this point" and I was told what I mentioned above. That since the FCC already existed, it could not be refunded. To book the room, apply the FCC, change the name and it would carry over. They even reviewed one of the calls and noted that the agent confirmed that. Fwiw, two days ago they denied the request to transfer the FCC to a new person. Imagine having a call where an agent tells you something, then a supervisor denying your request. All the while you have 3 cruises and 6 staterooms booked with them. I guess they aren't hurting as bad as we thought.
  2. We did the FCC because we booked a new cruise for a year later hoping the pandemic would be gone. then that one got cancelled and they sent us new FCC’s with no option of refund. at that point he could still cruise. Now he can’t. the burden shouldn’t be on the customer to be able to use money they spent with a company. We didn’t cancel the cruises. They did.
  3. I asked for a refund today and was told no. The cruise doesn't sail until March 2022.
  4. For something created during an unprecedented time. We booked our first cruise pre-pandemic. None of us could predict a pandemic would occur and cancel that. So either make the FCC endless with no expiration or allow the owner to transfer it. We provided them with money and they are making rules on if it can actually be used in a specific period of time after they cancelled the cruise. How can the owner of the FCC be held responsible for any of that?
  5. So basically they can just hold the money hostage and anyone who is unable to use it before it expires is screwed? Seems fair and reasonable. Looks like it's time to cancel my other two cruises and go back to Princess.
  6. Correct. That's what we're trying to do because that's what the Sales Department and the first customer service rep I spoke to told me to do.
  7. Today they told me since the money came from a FCC, if I cancelled they would NOT refund any money to anyone.
  8. When I spoke to sales I told them the situation and informed them that the one person would not be able to cruise before his FCC expired. they told me to add him to the booking, apply the FCC and then change the name. that is what I did. That did not work.
  9. (I'm about to rant... for that.. I'm sorry) Cliff Notes: Have spent 30+ hours on the phone with customer service and supervisors and booking is still messed up. Is there someone higher up I can call? Story: We originally had a cruise scheduled for August 2020. Obviously that got cancelled and we were issued FCCs. We used those to book another one for April 2021. That one also got cancelled. We decided to push way out and book for March of 2022. However, the sticking point here is one of the individuals who was originally slated to go, could no longer go. I relayed that to the Sales representative I spoke to and expressed my concern that this individual would lose not only the money he spent for the cruise, but also the money he had spent for the drink package. The sales rep informed me that once the credits are applied, they will remain applied to the room itself and at that point I can change the name on the cruise to someone else. The replacement could pay the original on their own. During that process, the FCC's they issued could no longer be applied to the new one, since they were applied to the second one and they did not give us new numbers. It took about 12 hours of phone calls to finally get that resolved, but it got resolved and had the FCC's applied to the rooms. I waited about a week to make sure everything was in there, then called and changed the one person out. When this happened, it removed the FCC, but not the On Board credit that was applied. It actually increased the balances on two other rooms by nearly 100% and the balance on the room in question by 300%. I called again, multiple times and dealt with about 5 people over just as many calls, each call being 2-2:30 hours a piece. Eventually the final person was able to get the two rooms back to the original balance due, and the one room down to 100% more (about $570, vs the nearly $1000 it had risen too). He informed me that I would receive a new FCC for the difference so we could apply it and get that room back down to the $261 it should be, but it would take about a month. That month came and went. I never received it. So, again, I call back. I end having to do this again 3-4 more times, each call again being over 2 hours. This time I'm told the FCC can not be kept on the room because it's for a specific person. I spoke to a supervisor and I informed them that the sales rep told me I could and the rep who tried fixing the room costs also said it was allowed. They checked the audio for the 2nd person who had made the changes and determined that the 2nd person did not tell me otherwise and agreed it could be done this way. However, they refused to look for the sales call. I was informed I would have to have the one person who couldn't go email them with authorization and they would call me back this past Monday, but they would make an exception and apply the credits due to the misinformation of the one representative once they received that email. The person sent the email last Thursday. Monday came and went, and no telephone call (shocked). I've now been on the phone again, for another 2 hours (and counting) and they simply have no clue how to fix this or make this right. At this point, I'm about 15+ calls in and I've spent well over 30 hours trying to get this resolved. This is the most incompetent customer service I've ever spoken with. We have 3 cruises scheduled with Royal Caribbean (6 total rooms) and I'm on the verge of cancelling all 3. Is there a higher up like some kind of VP or Supervisors Supervisor or something I can call? No one on the regular customer service knows what they are doing.
  10. We ended up taking the 125% because they don't have our cruise scheduled for the same time next year. They tried shoving us into other cruises out of miami (instead of San Juan), to lesser places (private beach in Haiti for instance over Aruba). Nah.. I'll just move it to another month thanks.
  11. I'd blow into this thing 20 times if it meant my trip won't be cancelled.
  12. Based on many vaccines already entering phase 2 of trials already, with differing levels of antibodies in multiple versions of those vaccines, it looks as though a vaccine is eminent.
  13. Lord, some of you are awful. You are never wrong to feel your own feelings. it doesn't matter if it was cancelled due to a pandemic or because the captain stubbed his toe. You are 100% entitled to feel disappointment in losing a vacation you worked hard for. Life is not binary. You can be sad for people whom have lost their jobs, their lives or lives of loved ones, and still also feel sad and disappointed about things you have lost even if they don't seem to match up in terms of value/worth. Never let someone tell you that you aren't allowed to have your own feelings and never feel guilty for having them.
  14. I'm watching this like a hawk. Package prices on our cruise on 8/23 haven't changed. Would love to see some of the 40-45 prices y'all are seeing.
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