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  1. Standard MSC Balcony to Yacht Club Inside I was going to say it depends on where you are sailing and when BUT ignore that. Definitely get in YC, even if you're cabin is the communal bathroom !!!! (which will be bigger than an inside anyway). You will spend so much time enjoying the space in YC that your cabin does become somewhere to change and sleep and nothing more. AFAIK you will get the Premium Drinks with your upgrade - so that will include YC at OC
  2. UK prices don't include Insurance - and I can't see how - with so many variables for pre-existing conditions - that MSC could include it as standard either. They may have an included-cover for some markets - but you can bet the small print states pre-existing is not included, must be reported and involves a higher premium.
  3. BUT I would tell daughter that she MAY lose her money just in case. More incentive not to cancel and also takes into account MSC customer service "issues" lol
  4. Havent checked recently but it used to be that it would not accept your Voyager Club number on a website outside your home Country - and that number can save up to 5%+15% so I just stick to MSC UK. Booking other cruise lines I use different Country websites. I also qualify for "travel industry" rates sometimes too - and I'm kicking myself right now as offered Carnival for just £10/night between now and Christmas but we're fully booked. Mind you, we've never sailed Carnival and some of the stories suggest £10/night might be too much lol
  5. SOME GOOD NEWS - https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/26059-msc-ready-to-welcome-international-guests-for-winter-2021-22-caribbean-sailings-in-u-s.html
  6. ALL CHANGE - AND GOOD NEWS https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/26059-msc-ready-to-welcome-international-guests-for-winter-2021-22-caribbean-sailings-in-u-s.html
  7. Much prefer 2 days at Ocean Cay instead of 2 x single days = good result
  8. I just wonder that perhaps they don't include the AZ in the list of acceptable vaccines for US Citizens simply because they cannot get the AZ jab in the US ??????
  9. Now that the US are accepting AZ arrivals, I'm sure it's just MSC slow to react. After all, MSC accept AZ on cruises in Europe so it can't be a "cruise line thing" Also, if any of the Islands did not allow AZ, the cruise line could simply say guests with AZ cannot get off at that Port and blame the Port for it - it's not in MSCs interest to turn guests away, only to have to re-accommodate them later. Interestingly, the US website for MSC states for the Caribbean - "Guests residing outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico will be considered fully vaccinated if they have received their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca (or the single dose such as Johnson & Johnson vaccine) at least 14 days prior to the cruise. " https://www.msccruisesusa.com/health-and-safety-measures/caribbean-cruises We are B2B on Grandiosa in Europe Nov 20th and Divina in Florida in Jan so fingers crossed.
  10. The OP kind of answered his own question - should I cruise with MSC? - and then confirmed the price was nearly 50% less than Carnival. I think it's a pretty good experience to take on - after all, if you like the MSC experience, you can enjoy an extra cruise for not much more than the cost of that Carnival one....and then do it again, and again.... If you don't like MSC, what have you really lost?
  11. Didn't MSC grab a load of senior Celebrity staff 3 or so years ago - the plan was to elevate the whole experience. Wonder how long they stayed - as surely they're not still there. 😲
  12. 52 cruises and counting so have some experience. We've done MSC in standard class twice (never again) and Yacht Club 6 or 7 times (with B2B coming in November in Europe and 11N January in Florida) We've done Celebrity 6 times in standard class and just finished a B2B in The Retreat (Sept). MSC Standard Class - never again, just NO lol - even though a 7N balcony can be booked for $500 Celebrity Standard Class - very good experience - but fairly expensive now. We would never book The Retreat on pre-Edge class ships as it's just parts of the ship having had a mini-makeover - it is mostly NOT a premium experience at all. Older MSC ships do have a dedicated Yacht Club, with the exception that YC restaurant is at the back of the ship - so not too much "inconvenience" lol Celebrity The Retreat (Edge-class onward) v MSC Yacht Club (newer ships) Firstly, suites on Celebrity are spread out across the ship so you don't feel part of an exclusive club (that you're paying a lot for). Suites in Yacht Club are inside the YC area of the ship and you can only access that whole area with your key card. Celebrity suites have more storage. MSC 1 - Celebrity 0 Quality of food in Celebrity Luminae is better than in YC Restaurant BUT the choice is limited. The YC Restaurant is part of the YC Lounge so you can easily see if it's busy/quiet rather than finding out when you reach a door/desk. Service in both restaurants is excellent. MSC 1 - Celebrity 1 The Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge is far, far superior to Celebrity Retreat Lounge - 1,000 x better. YC Lounge is much bigger, has full ship-width windows, has nightly entertainment, light buffet food available (and replenished) nearly all day, and it just looks more impressive. MSC 1 - Celebrity 0 The Pool Deck on Celebrity is much bigger than Yacht Clubs (which is still big and occupied 1/3rd of whole top deck space). Seating options are better on Celebrity with more shade choices too. Food is equal on both (good). MSC 0 - Celebrity 1 Service is comparable on both - excellent. MSC 1 - Celebrity 1 Value for Money on Yacht Club is much much better than booking The Retreat - you can probably enjoy 5 Yacht Club cruises for the price of 3 in The Retreat. MSC 1 - Celebrity 0 Overall Scores MSC 5 - Celebrity 3 But all of that doesn't matter too much IF you cruise for reasons other than a premium exclusive experience. Entertainment is much better on Celebrity and the Standard Buffet is far superior too. The overall experience on MSC is waaaaaay different to Celebrity and other US cruiselines so many guests will just hate it. So, my advice is if you want a "luxury" product and can handle a different experience then go for MSC Yacht Club - if you want to have familiar experiences then book Standard Celebrity. And, if you are cash richer and dislike change then book The Retreat.
  13. My wife had this exact problem - always felt ill during the night and into the next morning. Turns out it was the effect of 4 bottles of champagne, countless cocktails and a few liquor coffees etc Who'd have figured. Pleased to say that she has found a solution to the problem now - she keeps her complaining about it to herself 😁
  14. Oh yes - we've been caught with that and it seriously pi**ed me off at the time. We had less than 2 Euro in credit but weren't allowed off the ship and had to go to Guest Relations (complete with a suitcases as we were self-disembarking). WHY can't they have a "under 10 Euro charity donation" option? - they used to auto-add a 1 Euro Unicef donation to every guest account anyway so it would certainly make sense.
  15. Just booked an Inside YC for Nov 20th (and Balcony YC the following week) - using the 5%+15% deal Just got the Upgrade Bid Offer - which is more expensive that we could have paid when we booked. Thinking the Upgrades are based on full original prices and not the Voyager ones as thats only way to explain a higher upgrade offer
  16. Best (included) Champagne in Yacht Club? Currently, what is the best Champagne available in Yacht Club on YC drinks package? And, what's the best outside of YC please. TY
  17. Go and sit in a quiet lounge - they will call your names when you're among the last ones to get off lol Rest assured, they won't forget and leave you on for the next cruise.
  18. The wonderful chocolate ship packaged in the plastic "box" is no more. Now, it is a small white chocolate ship presented on a plate on the evening before leaving the ship - totally pointless at that time in a cruise. We liked to give our ships away because we ate so well on the cruise - and they were a great marketing thing for MSC. Perhaps if the new version was there on day 1 it might get eaten, but not on the final night.
  19. Always enjoyed a Magners Cider on Celebrity, but delisted on Apex around Greece. Is it still available on Silhouette ? TY
  20. We are on the 2nd of our B2B now and decided not to bother with Luminae. The main Luminae Manager did come to see us and said they will prepare any meal for us. But I dont want to be designing menus on my vacation - I want them to WoW me. I did mention the changing "3 butters" available in other restaurants compared to the rock solid offering every night in Luminae. He promptly corrected me they were dips not butters - I couldn't care what he wants to call them TBH. When told of the rock hard boring butter in Luminae, I was informed "it's not hard" We wont be going back and will share our thoughts on the Survey. The survey last week allowed is to highlight all the great experiences - and our butler thanked us this week for specifically mentioning him. SO I know individual survey details are sent to departments onboard. Our experience in the 4 x MDR and Blu have exceeded that in Luminae. We also had good experiences in Petit Chef, Eden and Steak House too. Interestingly, other than the 1st night in Luminae last week, it was very quiet after which perhaps says it all.
  21. Its the name if the ship after Beyond I think. We were told it on Apex last week but cant remember it lol
  22. In bars aboard Apex, the premium package will get you Moet-Chandon by the glass. Actually, thats what half the bar tenders call it - but its cheap plonk called "chandon" without the Moet. Naughty or untrained? Only other is Brut Cattier on premium at $15 a glass - if they have it.
  23. Nope All areas of ship are providing full menus - luminae is just not that exciting unfortunately.
  24. Currently onboard Apex and in The Retreat. Eaten in Luminae twice in 6 nights The food quality and service are excellent. BUT the choice is extremely limited. Weve also eaten in Blu and Cyprus Restaurants. The bread choice is better outside of Luminae. You even get 3 daily changing butters outside of Luminae (where its always the same standard solid butter). There are a LOT more food choices on each menu outside of Luminae. So while service and quality in Luminae are great, its certainly nothing special - especially as service and quality is just as good elsewhere. Of course, only having 400 to 900 guests is going to even up the restaurants BUT I would have exmected far more from Luminae.
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