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  1. Of course it can be separated. It means totally different things. Money can buy your things, can revenue buy any of the things?
  2. It is not about money, it is about revenue and passenger preference. There are two takes, one is when the North Star and other facilities were free on Asian sailing, the queue was so huge it was around the open deck several times. It was too popular. Thus some measure needed to control the queue. Second was the Asian sailing is very bad for alcoholic beverages sales. Asians do not go to bars like Westerners do. Thus RCCL missing a lot of revenue and profit from beverage sales. So combined above two together you get the solution: charge for something popular
  3. Let me put this way, without China operation and profit from AIDA, Costa Cruises would be ditched by Carnival since Concordia. Without Costa, Carnival Group would have much higher profit margin. There are surplus number of ships in Costa division even years before Covid. Costa ships are not exactly beautiful, many of them are tacky and cheap. Some newer ships share the same design of Carnival. Its operation geared towards price sensitive and lower end of the market and ticket prices are constantly underperforming. Not to mention its employee satisfaction is constantly lowest in the
  4. I think for the argument sake, people needs to remember none of the lower level employee of cruise line gets paid at all when ship is not operational. Because many crew are on temporary contract. No cruise no salary. Whereas airline is very different. Even if the crew were not flying, airlines still has to pay a base salary as well as pension contributions. Also for those do not understand airline industry, on average about one third to a half of the airline fleet is on lease. Whether the airline is flying the plane or not, there are monthly lease payment and parking fees. If the a
  5. Surprising this brand has not been sold to China yet, considering its success in China and almost failure everywhere else.
  6. Really? The post in question stated: [Quote]like the month of March and the number 25 more - so, let it be March 25, 2025. And then some day on one of thousands of ships there will be a “case”, and voila! - back to square one - cruising will be prohibited for unknown time until everyone is scrutinized again, then resume, then another “case”, then stop all again, and so on...[/Quote] Let us not get into the grammar things as I am not a grammar police. But as I said, cruise ships are not only the ships from Carnival and Royal Caribbean, there are a large
  7. To be fair, the OP said one of thousands ships, not cruise ships. And then the cruise ships are not only the likes or Carnival and Royal Caribbean, there are Arctic and Antarctic adventure ships, there are several hundreds river cruise ships in Europe, USA, Egypt, China and Russia. In Europe along there are over 400 named ships although many are not operational. In Egypt when i did my river cruise there are easily hundred plus ships along the Nile. There are also quite a few smaller coastal cruise vessels provide multiple nights sailings operated along Australia, Italy and Greece coastlines. N
  8. I think you can believe in whatever you want to believe in. But if you want to speculate what general public think, you need to jump out from your narrative and pay attention to the broader spectrum. CDC research asked many people from all over the country and covers more than you could ever do. For that alone, maybe it is time for you accept you can not represent majority of the American people. Maybe it is time for your to consider CDC survey actually represent the reality better than your tunnel vision.
  9. It used to. I tool one few years back. But last two to three years it did not have segments for sale in UK.
  10. It is sad that the South African variant may pose a threat. But it is good news indeed.
  11. A research last December indicates over 84% of Americans will accept the vaccine. And the last paragraph also say the older Americans are more eager to get the vaccine. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9056269/More-80-Americans-say-COVID-19-vaccine.html
  12. This is not entirely true. Thailand signed a deal with Oxford/AstraZeneca to produce the vaccine locally back in November 2020. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2026547/thailand-signs-deal-with-astrazeneca-for-covid-vaccine In the source it clearly stated AstraZeneca is also providing doses to the Philippines.
  13. Since CCL sold more shares last year, it is possible and reasonable that the required number of shares holding would raise from 100 to 250. Pure personal speculation.
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