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  1. This place got a mention! Apparently you’re all frothing at the thought of heading back onboard. In fact you’ll book extra holidays, not less!
  2. Feels ridiculous to be celebrating getting my own money back... but finally received my refund this evening on day 68 The saga is over... for me. I informed them I’d instigated a chargeback and they suddenly paid up after stonewalling me for 2 weeks. Sent me my refund ‘invoice’ on Thursday and refund landed at about 8pm tonight. Thanks to all in this group for giving me someone to bounce my anger and frustration off for the past few months. I know the workers don’t deserve to be caught up in all this, but P&O will never get a penny out of me for as long as I live. It’s not entirely the
  3. Reading on other groups that P&O are now refusing some refunds, claiming that the customers have cancelled and not P&O Perhaps the money has finally dried up. Nobody is answering messages anymore, I’ve actioned my section 75... I’d actually prefer that I receive it that way and there’s some sort of financial penalty to P&O for my bank needing to get involved. Awful company.
  4. Actioned a section 75 with my bank today. P&O are infuriating. Hope my bank sorts the refund out and there’s some sort of cost to P&O for them having to step in.
  5. There’s also a hardcore ‘cruising community’ who we’ve already seen can be fed the biggest load of garbage by P&O and they’ll still book cruises and defend them online regardless. So these people will always remain. The problem for them, and all cruising companies will be finding NEW customers, as Cruise ships have had such a bad reputation during this crisis that they’ll now be seen as Covid incubators... add that to a probable lack of sufficient insurance policy’s and a vastly inferior onboard experience... and I’m not sure why anyone would rush to book a cruise with new money (not FCC
  6. We also received this today... but with a huge charge applied for the cruise being cancelled (they cancelled it, not me) Now I understand that this was happening... but surely this is something they could have fixed now?! It’s been 44 days since we requested a refund, and this is the first piece of communication from them... an incorrect cancellation invoice?!? what an absolute joke.
  7. All the FCCs will be useless if there’s 7 months worth of passengers trying to get booked onto future holidays. Sod trying to find one of those; their booking system will hike the prices even more now presumably - despite nobody knowing what the quality of these new cruise holiday experiences will be.
  8. Ludlow looked shattered in that latest update video.
  9. All cruises up til October 15th now cancelled... this thread will get a 2nd peak [emoji102]
  10. Things seem to be improving - apparently the system for April onwards is now up and running, but March is still causing issues. Lots of refunds appearing today, on a sunny Sunday... so at least it looks like they are trying to fix things now. People getting refunds after a 40 day wait, which was unheard of before. I’m on day 38 so maybe see something in the coming week [emoji1317]
  11. Is Ludlow not directly responsible for Guest Services, Online engagement... will he need to fall on his sword after this awful saga? It’s alright grinning like a Cheshire Cat while the going is good... but the lack of transparency and the lack of customer centricity through all this has shot holes in their customer base/loyalty.
  12. When you click on the fake account it says ‘pandosupport does not exist’.... touché Quite humorous that P&O get upset at an account giving ‘inaccurate refund timelines’.... imagine that [emoji23]
  13. Perhaps they still had money on their credit card and the cruise wasn’t taking them into a ‘positive’ balance. In that scenario, a balance transfer will always incur a percentage fee.
  14. You guys receiving cheques... are you all TA customers?
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