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  1. Yes, I think the other factors are the "January blues," where people book a holiday to cheer themselves up and also the predicted resumption with news about the vaccine etc. For example, easyJet have apparently reported a 250% increase in demand for holidays this year. I think that, because of more direct concerns about the cruise ship environment, on board protocols, the diminished experience, and notably poor customer service during the initial stages of the pandemic, the same untapped demand will return to cruising, but to a lesser extent for P&O. The reason fo
  2. Glad you are sorted. Generally speaking, the parking is always the highest price "perk" given the cost of booking privately via CPS and you prefer the convenience. You could argue if you live a long distance away that the coach is the better option, but have never been a fan...I will have to change my view for Covid-19 excursions....! If you live close by to Southampton and do not rely on paid for parking, then the OBC is a better perk. This is one of the reasons why P&O took the parking away as an option for shorter cruises I think.
  3. You would imagine that would not be a great move though in terms of aggravating their client base, although I could see them becoming less generous. The dividends will go of course. From a P&O perspective, better just to put 15% on the drinks, excursions and dining and put it down to the pandemic increasing costs / London pub prices etc ... plus that captures everyone ... Notably the OBC offers for Select Price appear similar to previous years in the current brochure, so you would assume that the shareholders will be safe for a bit (at least when it comes to OBC).
  4. I would say that it is possible that: -- The cheap headline price for inside cabins has been retained, to attract initial custom at launch, but with lower numbers of cabins available. That seems to fit with what we have seen so far. -- The booking algorithms have applied the social distancing/reduced capacity measures to most (but not all) of the lower priced "F" and "E" grade cabins in the other cabin types, so that the price paid by the customer starts on a seemingly reasonable point, but increases quickly from there. This also appears to match what has been reporte
  5. Hello, you may already have tried this, but speaking to P&O direct may help if you have called a TA, not sure who you phoned. Sometimes they will have "hidden" availability. Doing a check online for a "dummy" select price booking (where you can choose) would show if there is availability, in the same way that making a call to another/a TA might do also. Personally, I would book the inside (or an outside) cabin that meets your budget/next preference i.e. is the balcony really worth a £1000 anyway? But that's just personal preference. In this scenario,
  6. Have just received the same email. I started a new thread whilst you were typing I think.
  7. For information, we have just received an email from P&O about our next cruise. Balances are now required 30 days from the scheduled date of the sailing. This is something that many have asked about for some time. Better late than never. It would be useful for those with TA bookings in particular to check that this flexibility will be passed on to them as it may reduce stress. One would have thought that the reality of if a cruise might sail, and if so under what circumstances, will become clearer within 30 days if the sailing date, whereas reliably guessing anyt
  8. With most of the country now in Tier 4, and the most optimistic estimate of vaccine rollout being late Spring to the most vulnerable, the chances of many P&O passengers feeling safe to cruise, even if this prospect were to be allowed by April is (at best) low. This will affect us but sorry for everyone else affected too. Please consider that Tier 4 guests may not travel internationally, even if the set up was safe and the receiving countries were prepared to allow ships to dock. We are also moving back in to the territory where crews would need to be given notice.
  9. Got the St Vincent / St. Lucia/ Barbados one wrong as we have never visited. Otherwise scored 5 out of 6. Bit disappointed that P&O held back a Christmas golden sticker...😁 At least there was no voiceover from El Presidente!!
  10. That would be because you accepted a Future Calendar Credit earlier this year... Happy Christmas 🌲😁
  11. Can we all agree to just kick Covid-19 out of the whole EU and apply massive, punitive tariffs and horrendous paperwork instead? Just saying 😂 Feels like we are back to where we started this morning with all the emergency border closures ... Carnival shares down 11pc this morning ... not good at all
  12. Tend to agree ... question is, would it definitely be England wide, have to see? I think that a Tier 5 "local approach" would prove totally unenforceable, like the Tier 4 restrictions are now. There are all number of reasons why you can travel, you are essentially relying on the goodwill of the population in the main. Unless you are silly enough to organise a house party of course!
  13. I think that the short answer is whilst Tiers 3 and 4 exist, no cruise company will be able to sail from the UK. There will simply be too many passengers who will be subject to travel bans and restrictions, even if the on board measures are exclusively effective and a way can be found for some of the crews/ships to be safely started up. UK travellers may also now be subject to longer international travel bans, similar to how the "high risk" countries were treated at the start of the pandemic. Time will tell on this. The other issue is, and I sincerely hope that it doe
  14. Sorry if someone has already made this point, but the rate of vaccination will significantly increase once the Astra Zenaca / Oxford vaccine is approved where the delivery conditions are not too dissimilar to a typical influenza vaccine. The potential distribution network and range of vaccinators is far higher. There are far fewer constraints in terms of logistics and distribution than there is with the Moderna and Pfizer version. It is the fact that it is new, the fact that people who are able to travel to a vaccination site are far easier to vaccinate, its a standing start etc,
  15. Know exactly what you mean Sue ... although it's months away, you end getting worried 4-5 months out if you are going to have to shell out the money and have to deal with them again. Plus not know what the plan is, even if it does go, less P&O's fault admittedly. We have also resorted to a cottage holiday!!
  16. We have a Ventura booking in May from the 2019 pre registration. There does appear to be a low % chance that this cruise will sail. I would agree that the booking terms and conditions do not encourage passengers to "cruise with confidence..." 1/ Long balance due dates... 2/ Risk of a FCC at embarkation... 3/ Lack of clarity in terms of a risk of "on board quarantine" if there is an outbreak... 4/ £50+ "penalty" each and every time you want to disembark at a port, assuming you wish to re-board... 5/ Lottery style system for getting your m
  17. Would include us (again). Making six gone in total. I would assume in such case too that Britannia and Ventura would be in the running too as an alternative to some of Arcadia's Med itineraries (i.e. possibly some reallocation of a different holiday offer). There won't be enough cruises left to use a FCC on at this rate! I do wonder why, so as to keep Azura going as planned and avoid displacing her passengers, a cull doesn't instead takes place on Aurora and Arcadia passenger lists to achieve the social distancing requirement. The route suggested would ap
  18. I agree with your comment about fluid pricing in general. I would say, from my own experience of P&O is that we have booked close to launch (before Covid-19) with the £50pp deposit, but little OBC in an inside cabin. Fluid pricing and a better OBC came up and we were able to upgrade to a balcony by cancelling, rebooking and paying just £100 extra all told. In this scenario, P&O insisted that the upgrade price was not the current one, but the one when the cruise was originally sold. Then the balcony would have been £500 extra. So, it made sense to cancel and r
  19. To give another example... We currently have booked a 19 night cruise on Arcadia in late August next year - just over £3,000 for Select Price. Whether or not we will be allowed to travel awaits to be seen. Current Price, a snip at £6,450! If you want a Balcony - well there's a better price to be had on a "worldie" sector. I mean that's just a "go away" price - like an insurer which theoretically quotes but doesn't actually want your business. Quite a bit more than the 25% FCC "bonus."🤔
  20. Just a thought... Is part of this being driven as follows... 1) Most passengers were pleasantly surprised at the prices for 2022, expecting more of the Covid-19 losses to be passed on. Is it possible that the fluid pricing has been tweaked to offer fewer introductory cabin prices than previously, so that, overall, each ship will sail with passengers paying more? 2) Is it also possible that the P&O booking algorithm is the same for 2022 as it is for 2021 i.e. until the vaccine is proven to be rolled out and be effective, it is hard to assume the end of s
  21. Agree. As ever, they are inconsistent. The general view I picked up is whilst the policy says no you can't use FCC towards an existing booking, and unredeemed FCCs need to be used by 31/12/21, practice might differ, depending on who picks up the phone. If a passenger, in practice, has so many (an imprecise number) of cruises already booked and so cannot actually book any more - considerations might be points like leave allowances for passengers who work etc - then this is the type of scenario where they might be flexible. I have seen this come up quite a few times on P&O Fac
  22. Agree ... hoping P&O's New Year's Resolution is no more Paul Ludlow videos 😉😁 I also received the festive message, not much to it to be honest, I agree with most of the other posters, but better than nothing.
  23. I'd agree - there doesn't seem to be a FAQ which answers this point specifically on the P&O website. What I would say, to add to John and Wowzz's replies is phone P&O (assuming it's a direct booking) and if they say no, give it a day or two and perhaps try again. There are various tales of inconsistencies when it comes to P&O customer services - sometimes to the passengers benefit, other times not. Doesn't harm trying! It will help if you know the cruise you want to switch to and have perhaps checked the price online before you call, with any l
  24. I agree with you - eventually excursions will be "liberated" once the levels of community transmission are under control in the countries visited, and all passengers who choose to be vaccinated have received their jabs.
  25. Being positive, let's face it 2021 will/should be much better a year than 2020. Just has to be for everyone's sake 👍 In this context, we are talking about how we may go on holiday, not if that's allowed. That's a good start. It's also far from the biggest problem many of us face too in the wider scheme of things. However, we are a good while off normality, that's true. I suppose it's both a case of how far passengers will compromise, but also how far the cruise companies will do so too in terms of the transparency (if not the sum) of the prices they choose to charge
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