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  1. We had a guide for the Monastery, and she took her time with everyone, with stops along the way. It is a gradual climb as you wander through the streets on the island. There are some steps, but they do have handrails, IIRC. There was only one long stretch, up to the entry itself. There was a central handrail. There were some steps inside as well, but I don't recall much about them. That being said, a few in our group chose to pass, as they didn't feel they could make the climb. They stayed behind and wandered around the shops. There is certainly enough to do, if your hubby feels more comfortable not attempting the climb. Apparently this excursion doesn't always have enough people sign up to "make it happen" so fingers crossed you will have enough participation that you get to go. It was a highlight of our trip, despite the long bus ride. Robin (and, thank you for the compliments)
  2. It may depend on where you are embarking. When we did a cruise only with Avalon, we dropped our bags at the hotel in the morning, then had to meet back at the hotel late afternoon, at which time we were bussed to the ship, as a group. This is different from our Uniworld experiences, where we could arrive as early as we wanted. IIRC, others have had different experiences on Avalon. Robin
  3. We did one cruise with Avalon, and missed the level of "attention" we received with Uniworld. I will say we only did a 5 night cruise, and the next cruise was a charter, so that may have had something to do with it. We loved the panorama suite and bathroom size. Also liked having a fridge in the room. We didn't like a set dinner time, but they have changed that recently. I would try them again, with a longer itinerary, and the right price. I do want to try Amawaterways. Also, take a look at Amadeus. Robin
  4. Oh, I'm definitely in countdown mode! It's almost time to start looking at the weather forecast, so I know what to pack Robin
  5. It depends on what you want to see. The first involves climbing 80 steps to see the Acropolis, in person. The second goes to the museum, and you only see the Acropolis in the distance. Do you have access to the descriptions from MVJ? If not, I can copy and paste them for you. Robin
  6. We did this cruise in late March, 2 years ago, on the SS Antoinette. Here is a link to my trip report. Due to lock repair, we left a little outside of Basel, but Uniworld took us from the airport to the ship. JP also has a trip report, he did this same cruise prior to us. Robin
  7. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to reading along Robin
  8. I have been on both Uniworld and Avalon. They both permit curling irons/flat irons on board. Robin
  9. Have a great time! The afternoon hors d'oeuvres are such a treat. And, daily laundry, if needed. Do you know your cabin #? You may be able to google and see what it looks like. There are pics of some of the suites on Uniworld's website. Robin
  10. That's a tough one. I enjoyed both. But, I would choose Salzburg. The only downside is the bus ride. Robin
  11. Or to get passengers so drunk they'll spend even more money and get a tattoo
  12. No river for us this year either. Viking Ocean Empires of the Med, Athens to Venice. Less than 4 weeks now! Robin
  13. I don't know if Avalon (or other cruise lines, for that matter) have the rope lighting that Uniworld does. I'm sure they have some lighting for night sailing. Perhaps a more frequent Avalon passenger has a nighttime picture. You will hear sound from the top deck, but joggers usually aren't the problem, the rail drops are. River cruising really is quite tiring, and most people retire fairly early. Robin
  14. I think that's only for the themed cruises (which are priced much higher than the standard U cruises) Robin
  15. Don't tell me that right before my Viking Ocean cruise! I'm hopeful they will still have some decent on-board booking benefits when I cruse next month. Robin
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