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  1. No, straight line winds. The remainder of the tree sits on our property and two others. If the other sections fall, it appears we will be out of harm's way. Robin
  2. At least your yard doesn’t look like this! This was my Mother’s Day treat...right after the termite invasion was squashed. Is it 2021 yet? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. The caveat is, it is a 90 day booking window. We are both flexible enough with our work schedules that we can make that happen. There's no harm in getting the voucher. If we use it, we do, if we don't, we don't. We tend to like to sail early in the season, and those sailings seem to have the best availability, so....time will tell! They did ask for our TA's name, so hopefully they will keep him up to date with potential available cruises. Robin
  4. My TA is part of a larger network, but gives very individualized care, and he has cruised on all of the major lines, most more than once. Our preference is Uniworld, and he is able to offer the same $$ as the "big box" companies. I found him when researching a Nile cruise. Robin
  5. AmaWaterways has been on my list to try for some time. This is such a nice gesture. I just sent my info in to get my voucher. Thanks for sharing, Jazz. Robin
  6. Thanks, notamermaid, Since my last post, I received an email from Uniworld, and they will be offering two seatings in the dining room for each meal. It doesn't say no buffet, but does say no self-serve, so I "guess" buffet could be served by staff? Two dining times at breakfast and lunch is going to be tough, especially for those morning excursions. The new normal is definitely going to be different.
  7. I'm not thrilled about "assigned" dining room seating. Breakfast for us is a quick in and out, and lunch can be as well. How are they going to navigate those two meals, which are predominantly buffet? A lot of our enjoyment comes with meeting new people and dining with different people each night. While this looks "good" on paper, when people are in the lounge drinking and socializing either before or after, what are they really accomplishing with the rigidity of the assigned dining?
  8. AF-1, since you are in Cincinnati, you should know that Children's Hospital is seeking participants, ages 18-85, to be trial subjects for the vaccine (don't know if it's the same one, or from another company) They are compensating for participation. Look up the Gamble Program if you're interested. (I have already put my name on the list) Robin
  9. The schools have been closed since 3/12 and daycares closed nearly a month ago. The kids aren’t sharing germs. I’m doing almost all sick visits via telemedicine. Well visits are questioned in advance about illness, but I have to keep kids immunized. Here’s a pic of me in my makeshift PPE, seeing a child with ear pain in the car. Thanks to Home Depot for my mask, Harbor Freight for my protective eyewear, and Disney for my poncho. I’ll take kids over the ICU any day. YOU stay well!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. We've had some yellow pollen on cars, and some freezes, and some more pollen. My husband has already mowed several times. The next few weeks will be interesting, as things open again. Being in an area that is less dense, population-wise, is definitely a plus. Robin
  11. We started phase 1 reopening in KY. This involves allowing non-emergent health care services to be provided again, as well as PT/OT, optometry, and chiropractor visits. No elective surgeries permissible yet. Telehealth visits still being encouraged/stressed. My nurse and I must both wear masks and gloves, at a minimum, for each patient encounter. Anyone entering the office must wear a mask (unless under 2 years of age) and we must have the capacity to provide one if they don't have one. Only one parent and the child who is being seen, if at all possible. No waiting room. (not a big change for my office, since I don't have one) Seeing many more families out walking, kids riding bikes. Allergy season is much less severe than normal, maybe because of no co-existing viruses? The next few weeks will be interesting here. Those who are the most antsy are those who are most at risk (the elderly) Robin
  12. I know Oktoberfest has been canceled, but what are your verified sources for France, Spain and Italy?
  13. Projections for KY (and OH, since I'm near the border) are that the quick actions of our governors are "flattening the curve" and pushing the surge further out, which will allow for adequate hospital and ICU beds. Kids have been out of school since 3/12, so aren't spreading germs. Daycares closed a week later. At my office, we are only seeing babies/infants/kids who are due vaccines. Hardly any sick kids due to the lack of exposure to other kids. Those few who do call, I am seeing "virtually" Most families have embraced online learning. The teachers are available virtually, if needed. Sadly, the Home Depots and Lowes have become the new meeting spots, as they are considered "essential" I schedule my grocery pick-up for each Saturday morning, so I don't have to go in the store. The pollen count is rising here, and an allergic cough mixed with a virus isn't a good combo. Trying to decide where to travel next year, as my cruise next month was canceled, and I don't see anything returning to normal for several months. Robin
  14. When I had a refund due from Uniworld two years back, it took about 8 weeks (and that wasn't during a global pandemic) Robin
  15. No white asparagus? Oh no! We always travel in late March/early April and that's a staple. At least the farmers are being creative in reaching out to those currently not working-that's quite a plan. Our Azamara Mediterranean cruise, scheduled to depart in 4 weeks, was officially canceled this week. I think we need to return to river cruising😃
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