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  1. The dozens of people who insisted they needed to stay onboard due to medical issues that prevented them from flying home from Perth.....
  2. Holdings in Trust accounts and IRA accounts are eligible for the shareholder OBC, you should have no problem.
  3. Just another example of people trying to game the system....SMH.... if you want to use multiple devices, buy a plan that allows it!
  4. All of it..... the list was was just copied on the 2019 World Cruise stationary and distributed as info for passengers. Case in point, I know of PC members, when on 7 day cruises, get the "10 complimentary dinners in the Pinnacle Grill". They can eat there every night should they choose to do so.
  5. HAL President's Club Rewards include one free internet package (up to 500 minutes - 8.3 hours) HAL Presidents Club Rewards.pdf
  6. @Mickb If you haven't already realized, not only has he turned this CC forum into a news clipping service that just creates more clutter, it's only news that fits his narrative. I'm wearing out the scroll wheel on my mouse!
  7. Just a FYI..... Royal's Ovation of the Seas is calling on Skagway on her Aug & Sept cruises
  8. Being more transparent with pricing would serve HAL well.
  9. HAL made a formal announcement regarding the HSC last week, now called the Crew Incentive: Three Important Changes to Service Charge Programs The new “Crew Incentive,” formerly Hotel Service Charge (HSC) is a daily amount for each of your clients that is automatically added to onboard accounts, recognizing the consistently outstanding contributions of our crewmembers in all departments. Starting with our return to service voyages this amount will increase from $14.50 pp/pd to $15.50 pp/pd for non-suites clients and from $16.00 pp/pd to $17.00 pp/pd f
  10. Interesting that HAL told you that.... A Royal Caribbean agent told me this morning that bookings for 2021 Alaska B2Bs could be made. I wonder who is right?!
  11. Nor are these pointless posts.... talk about thread drift !
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