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  1. Mom.... thank you.... I stand corrected. I had my first shot last week and the nurse specifically told me to continue making as this vaccine will not prevent me from catching the virus. I guess there’s confusion or out of date understanding in the medical profession as well.
  2. Mom... remember.... the vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID, it only minimizes, or hopefully eliminates the side effects that most encounter if they catch it.
  3. If HAL's tender port list has been kept up to date you should be good with the exception of Half Moon Cay. https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/marketing-assets/Accessibility/port-tender-list.pdf
  4. The term "junk" does not pertain to their stock. It's a term related to their bonds. Corporate bonds rated Ba1/BB+ and lower (by Moody's S&P) are termed junk bonds, a somewhat misleading term in many cases. Current stock prices no doubt reflect optimism in future earnings potential..... obviously some risk associated with such optimism.
  5. Not an easy proposition given the land border crossing requirements!
  6. White Pass Railroad is owned by Klondike Holdings, LLC. Carnival PLC is a minority partner, with Survey Point Holdings being the majority partner. I don't believe CCL "owns" the Port of Skagway... as least not what I read from the limited research I've done. Perhaps someone living in the area can provide further clarification.
  7. When discussing gift cards, you have to differentiate the regular gift cards (plastic or digital) and the bonus/promo gift cards (digital). The regular gift cards have no expiration date. With respect to the bonus/promo cards, it may depend on the promo in effect at time of purchase. The latest promo (which per the HAL website expired 2/14/2021, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it extended) states the bonus/promo cards expire 12/31/2022. It's best if you call the HAL gift card desk at 855-501-4161 and ask. When I called a few weeks ago, I was told they were removing/eliminating the expi
  8. I'd venture to guess the majority of the sales were required as part of their stock option scheme. It happens during the 1st calendar quarter every year. I was forced to sell options in January every year. I worked for a different company but most stock option benefit plans have the same requirement.
  9. The same could be said about the off the charts stimulus package about to be passed...... no worries.. just a bigger negative number! 🙄
  10. Absolutely ! Given how you describe your children's preferences, the Rotterdam, not only being the newest and a large ship (for HAL standards) should be a perfect fit.... I'm sure they will enjoy it. Their parents will too 😀
  11. I would have never guessed..... 20,000+ pretty much sums it up !
  12. Non-US flagged/registered freighters and container ships are currently arriving and departing U.S. and Canadian ports every day.
  13. It was you that posted "the CDC is not allowing cruises over 7 days". I was simply stating there are currently no CDC restrictions on cruises departing on 12/15/2021. Chill.....
  14. It departs Dec 15th so currently it's permitted. The current CDC rules may very well be changed.
  15. The BB King music venue (as well as some others) is not on all HAL's ships. Last I checked it's only on the Eurodam, Koningsdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Nieuw Statendam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Rotterdam, Westerdam, and the Zuiderdam.
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