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  1. Thanks for making contact!!! I did start this thread as I was going to be on this cruise ...have read several of your threads & it's a shame I'm not going to meet you( you will probably be thankful for that as I can be a bit party animal in Panorama lounge after midnight) but I will follow your journey with great interest.( Although I've been several times to ports of call living so close ) ...I'm now waiting on crystal cruse in April 2022 Greek isles & holyland..then the lovely silver dawn in Nov 2022 Venetian society reunion ...please ( I know you are on holiday ) keep thread going .. photos, etc ... happy cruising 🚢😎😷🍾
  2. Glad I'm not going🙃 ... But now as you can see maybe it's cruisinpashmima???
  3. Well I'm very sorry stumblefoot but it's not very obvious to me !!!!!!!!!who should I be following on what topic/ thread .... Duh !!!🙃
  4. Hi just wanting to know who is sailing on the moon at this moment??.I along with my husband & friends should have been on the sailing from Venice ( 14th Oct ) but decided to cancel way back in January 😢... Would luv to hear about the trip ...I'm still not upset we decided to cancel as ( with my medical problems ) it would have been to much to consider to travel at this time ,I have now had my 3rd covid jab💉 & in 6 months a booster !!!! So if I'm not ready by then ,when??? Happy sailing miss it so much 🚢🍾( for my husband who loves to dress be it causal or not 👔)
  5. I'm always in the mood 😉🍾... & That's my favourite song to get me on the dance floor ... You will always know if I'm on board as it will be playing every evening in the Panaroma Lounge...
  6. I'm going to bow out now on this subject as some of you all find this somewhat a non serious concern with your travel arrangements ...( Thank goodness her in the UK we have our NHS ) which will look after non UK Travelers) ...
  7. I'm referring to medical insurance !! Surly with your medical problems you would need to be insured if you need medical attention where ever you are traveling to... That said I have noticed on other forums the USA traverlers don't find not having insurance a issue ... ( Don't travel outside the UK without it!!! ) Happy cruising Lois ...
  8. I'm pleased to hear that Lois ... I love to travel also and have over 59 plus cruises ... But I follow your medical problems with interest..you seem to have to go for so many tests etc & I was only wondering how your travel insurance works for you ... I've just reached my 65tn birthday this August ..being diagnosed with myeloma in 2013 !!! ( Real game changer for me ref traveling) so again lois I'm sorry to hear about your medical problems but you are able to travel without it affecting your travel insurance... You say you don't have anything that prevents you from traveling so here's to you girl 🍾 xx ps I'm not going to age gracefully !!!😉 Live& let live ... Booked 3 silversea cruises for 2022/2023 !!! & One crystal cruise in 2022 ( although silversea my personal favourite) ..have you looked at Mediterranean 2022 silversea dawn Venetian society reunion cruise !! We have booked !!! Sending positive vibes to you lovely lois R....
  9. I'm loving the new photo !!! ( You little 😈)
  10. Hi dear Lois ..hope you are all ok from all your medical problems you seem to experience!!( Bless you) I'm living with a incurable cancer of the blood myeloma.. And I'm just wondering have you can travel so easily all over the world with your medical problems???.. your travel insurance must be sky high...mine is just to travel in Europe!!! Hence why I've not travelled outside UK since last cruise 2019!!! But wishing you all good vibes with your medical problems.
  11. Yes Lois it was as you say easy peasy...I was just worried about them asking to use a new password with all the problems they have experienced I thought it might be a scam !!! Once again just paranoid !!! But now all sorted 🚢
  12. All good here ... Changed password & straight in !! All bookings showing.profile etc..the only thing not showing is Venetian society sailed days ..
  13. Good afternoon/morning ☀️ has everyone who's got into my silversea been asked for a new password?? Always makes me a little nervous when I'm always told never give any details which you have not asked for ..!! Maybe being a little paranoid!!!!
  14. Have been trying but still saying cannot connect to site 😞 or site not secure!!!
  15. Sorry should have read tucci!!! ( Must have my next silversea dress code on my mind lol !!!)
  16. Hi Lola ... With ref to Daveywavey!!! I think he's departure from the cooler was just after one evening way back when I posted a comment on Stanley Gucci on BBC Graham Norton show ( I mentioned this as Lois was watching his Italian cooking adventure) and said how I enjoy Graham Norton !!! Daveywavey posted a comment ref Graham and was not very complimentary about Graham ref his hygiene!!!! Then someone posted a comment about Daveywaveys hotel ( can't remember who) and since then no response from him 😞 I have replied to a few of his old YouTube channel of various cruises that I still watch & enjoy & he said he was giving the cooler a break !!!! Maybe he will return...
  17. Quick question for Fletcher if your around .. could you give me the name of the hotel you were going to stay over the Christmas holidays 2020 somewhere in Wales ?? I can't find the page it was posted on ...hope you don't mind me asking?
  18. Hi just wanted to let you know that my travel agent did get through on the UK office telephone line this morning and spoke to a gentleman called Dan!! But he was not able to quote a price as the system is still down ..but at least there's life at the end of the phone lines 🙏
  19. My travel agent has tried ringing silversea London office again this morning and there still having a fire drill🤔 also I can't get into mysilversea!!!!!not sure of any update as I don't use social media....
  20. I'm booked I paid final payment today for the Mediterranean 7 night ... Enjoyed a reunion cruise ( last one before UK lockdown) sept 2019 on silver spirit and had a fabulous time ..also it was our 100 day plus so got the certificate & free laundry yep hee ...😊 There were lots of goodies delivered to the suite. Throughout the trip ... It was great to see so many guests with 1000 of days and the mix of passenger base was very interesting... It had a little upbeat vibe the panaroma Lounge was good fun most nights ( if you like that sort of thing) I do !! it will be fun 🚢 look forward to meeting new friends 🍹
  21. I don't know why but for some reason my reply to threads are not sending !!! I sent one to you emthbsam as soon as you posted about poor Bob... Sending lots of love & best wishes for a good recovery ..😘
  22. Well I have responded so many times and for some Reason not getting through ( maybe I've been black listed ..lol...) My response to this thread about dress which keeps popping up each time a new silversea guest wants to ask about dress code ! And change the code!! Well if you have read the brochure & posts they must get the ideal ??? Yes ? No ?? My husband and I started cruising in 1989 on mainstream lines but even back then Rccl in fact ( which now own silversea) it was a very dressed affair ...but they have become to big and somewhat shopping mall springs to mind !!! So I do agree if you don't like to dress then maybe it's not for you ??? Few of you who know my threads ref dress codes will know that my husband has no concept of causal!!😉 Photo of last night on silver spirit sept 2019 Monte Carlo ( causal nite )
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