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  1. Since I cancelled totally, and didn't re-book this time, I didn't ask for the FCC because that needs to be applied to a future sailing. I never did file a dispute since we ended up getting the majority of our money back. I just now cancelled totally, so don't expect to see anything for quite awhile - and, given their desperate situation, maybe never. I'm hoping they will weather the storm, but when I look at all the ports that are closed right now, I have to wonder where one could cruise to!
  2. We did get our refund. (See my other posts.). Long and confusing process.
  3. What happened is that we cancelled the April 2 Australia sailing and put the full fare onto an October sailing. This was maybe March 5 or so. On the 23rd of March, I asked to have all the funds above the necessary down payment on the October cruise refunded, as I started to get nervous re: HAL's viability in this perfect storm. While waiting, we decided to cancel the October cruise as well as a 2021 cruise we'd booked, but wanted to wait until we got the big chunk ($11,300+) back. We got it on May 12 and cancelled the two cruises immediately. Here's hoping we get the additional $1,700 bac
  4. Yes, this was the initial cruise we booked. In early March, I cancelled it and put all of our money on an October cruise. I shortly realized "why am I letting all that money ride" when we need it. So I requested a refund of the amount over the downpayment on the October cruise. As time went by, and I saw all that was happening and probable problems with cruising even in October, I knew I was going to cancel the October cruise as well as an April 2021 cruise...however, I wanted to wait until I got the $11,300+ refund. When I got it, I cancelled immediately. Re: the April 2, 2020 cruise, w
  5. It took lots of follow up and 7 weeks for me.
  6. It was a lot of work - numerous phone calls and emails... Do you have a Cruise Consultant? If so, you can check with them and have them look, or call the main number and plead your case.
  7. Yes! Finally! We requested a refund on March 23 and got it yesterday. This was AFTER many contacts with our cruise consultant during which we got various answers about what was going on. What was disturbing is that the money kind of "disappeared" for about 16 days after our consultant said it had been "processed" by Accounting. We're talking $11,300+ for a long cruise from Australia to Canada. Lots of money for people with money, and a tremendous amount for someone like us! I got exasperated and called the main HAL number and got a phone number for Accounting (which I'd asked for before a
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