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  1. With all of Alaska cruises canceled does anyone know how the Eurodam is scheduled for an Alaska cruise out of Seattle on Aug 28th
  2. As many know Alaska cruises through Canada have been put on hold. Today Celebrity sent out their official letter on this topic. I have already implemented their Lift and Shift program. This is the second time as we went through the same thing last year. It is a good deal and you get to choose the room you want early on.
  3. Yep. I think you hit it right on the head.
  4. I did all my cancelations 2 weeks ago. Then I took advantage of their Lift and Shift offer. GREAT. Look into. I saved a good $7000 usung this program.
  5. Thats my thought exactly. But they are still booking...go figure
  6. Interesting. With Seattle and Vancouver closed through Oct 31 Celebrity is restricting all cruises to suite class only. I wonder if they think mostly empty ships with only the highest paying rooms will be aloud to sail. Maybe they are banking on low occupancy ships being aloud to sail. If you check all these sailings you will see all other room classes are sold out which I know is not so.
  7. I guess it will be better foe suites 6145/46 anyway.
  8. I guess this is better for suites 6145/56 on Milineum ships
  9. Has celebrity eliminated the pianos as part of penthouse suites on their revolutionized ships?
  10. foxnan


    Thanks. I just did the Lift and Shift. Great. Same package only different room for Aug 2021. Whats realy neat I saved over $2000 by keeping same booking number. Also I was refunded $335. I am doing the same with second half of back to back. Should get close to $400 refunded on this one. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. foxnan


    Got it...thanks. New to CC
  12. foxnan


    I agree...maybe prices will drop if I keep an eye on the site.
  13. foxnan


    That's great. I should be so lucky. I just looked at next year on Celbrity site, very high for same cat room.
  14. foxnan


    Unfortunately next years Alaska cruises are already through the roof. Several thousand dollars more than I'm paying now. At least the 125% FFC will take out some of the sting.
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