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  1. So here’s my latest FYI... I finally received my refund on day 145! I totally understand your frustration because I was there also. Hopefully the fact I finally did receive mine gives you all long timers some hope. On a side note... I had my Royal Caribbean cruise cancel on me 3 weeks ago for September and I got my full refund back in 2 weeks!! UNBELIEVABLE!
  2. My May 3rd 2020 cruise (which I cancelled Feb.29th & then they ended up cancelling, we chose Option 2) was finally refunded & credited to my CC July 23rd! Hallelujah! Sing to Jesus! It only took 145 days. I know how we all have been beyond frustrated and I hope all that are still waiting get your refunds soon!
  3. I don’t expect you’ll get what you need though I really hope you do. Here’s the email I’ve used before with an eventual response: customerrelations@princesscruises.com The last time I wrote them I didn’t get a response at all. Good Luck to us all.
  4. Yes, I told them I received no service, products etc... CC said “we have no recourse due to the extended period of time” “don’t wait so long next time’. OKAY... I won’t! If I ever have to go through this again, I’ll put the dispute in earlier. Lesson learned.
  5. My suggestion to ALL it concerns... If you have not received your refunds by 90 days then file the dispute with your CC. I made the mistake of waiting (not necessarily patiently) for them to do the right thing. It’s been almost 130 days and I’ve got no recourse with my CC company. I was informed disputes need to be done within 2-3 months from the charge. Now I’m at the mercy of Princess. Don’t like it!
  6. I did receive the FCC and princess applied to my future cruise already.
  7. Could be.. I am waiting for the full refund. Could be that’s the problem.
  8. We were on the Star, SFO to SFO, May 3rd. There Is NO rhyme or reason to the refund timeline. I read a post here of someone who was on the same cruise a month later and they’ve gotten their refund. Obviously it’s not in “date-of-Cruise” order. I’ve been told at least twice that a rush had been put on it (over the last 3 weeks). After talking to my Princess Cruise planner last week, she asked me to give them till the 21st. After that I will dispute on my CC if I haven’t received the refund. Aggravatingly ridiculous!
  9. I cancelled my MAY 3rd cruise on Feb. 29th, March 25th I called to see my refund status and was told that now I must fill out out the form (I chose option 2). I received the FCC June 1, but no refund yet for my $2100. I’m on day 122!
  10. My May 3, 2020 cruise was cancelled. March 29th the process started , I’m still waiting for my $2100 refund and it’s July 2nd!
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