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  1. Thanks everyone for info so far! I'm now wondering if anyone has received their FCC for cruises they canceled themselves. (I had an August Oasis sailing out of Cape Liberty, so went ahead and canceled). I got the refund but not the FCC from the deposit.
  2. To follow up - what does the FCC email even look like? Who is it from? I've checked my spam folder and hope I didn't accidentally delete it.
  3. This is so embarrassing that my first post is to ask if anyone else is in a similar situation as me and received their refund, but not their FCC??? Canceled 6 weeks ago, received refund 2 weeks ago, but nothing in terms of FCC. I would think that would be the easier one to process, but more importantly, why weren't they done at the same time (assuming processing is being done manually)? I have a new cruise booked for 2021 and want to apply that FCC! I've read through the threads about refunds, but haven't found anyone in my situation 😞
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