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  1. Sounds like we might have had the same Con Law professor! 😆
  2. FYI. The Bakery won that case in the supreme court. Not that I agree with it, but it is the law of the land. Homosexuals are not a protected class under Title VII. Hard the think the court would rule that the unvaccinated are a "protected class" under the statute. The civil rights statute is rather limited.
  3. Just curious. Was there this much controversy over the polio vaccine when if first was made available to the general public? This many doubters? Concerns? Were there people claiming that we should just let natural or herd immunity take place over time?
  4. Thank you. That helps me understand the ultimate purpose. I warned you it was a stupid question!
  5. I am sure what I am about to ask is stupid, especially since I work in the law, but here it goes anyway. I understand the basics of the PSVA and its structure and rules. But what is its purpose? What is the benefit to the USA or its citizens to require the stop in a foreign port? It seems the benefit is to the foreign port of calls. I guess if I understood the laws motives it would be easier to know whether there would be any resistance to getting it changed. Essentially tacking on the change as an amendment to some Covid relief bill or any other legislation.
  6. Don't worry I stopped responding to her towards the beginning of this thread when she responding to my post comparing the situation to measles and mumps vaccinations in school, by stating that "COVID-19 is a virus and mumps and measles were a disease". I pointed out the obvious. Mumps, measles and polio are also caused by viruses. Crickets.... Hasn't stopped her for one moment, trying to "educate" us.
  7. Just so you know. Measles is a virus. Mumps is a virus. So is Polio. As far as rushed vaccines, I won't be first in line either until proven effective and safe. But have no problem with schools or cruises requiring them once proven to be so.
  8. I don't understand. Why is proof of vaccination (once widely available) so shocking or outrageous? We require this proof in schools for mumps, measles, etc. I won't choose to live in fear either. But why is this public health requirement so abhorrent?
  9. I have been following this ongoing debate for several months now. Most of the time it appears that people refuse to even consider the merits of the other sides argument. Some like to selectively choose which data to treat as the gospel while ignoring just as meaningful data which contradicts their opinion or position. Some claim their should be zero cruising until COVID is essentially eradicated or 100% of society is vaccinated. Others want the cruises started today, but don't want to make any changes or take any steps that doesn't fit with their own enjoyment level. I guess I
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