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  1. Thanks for the info as we will also be on celebrity silhouette
  2. were also traveling during the month of July so your information is great thanks
  3. really liked all the great information for the SPB tours. Its difficult for us first timers to make a good decision and all of your reviews really helped!
  4. In Stockholm we are looking to do both the Vasa Museum as well as the free tour of the Royal Armory which sounded very interesting. Any recommendations on how to travel to both sites from the cruise port? Im hoping for a cruise shuttle to the main part of town and doing the Armory first, then walking (says 30 min) along the water to the Vasa museum and then taking the HOHO boat back to the cruise shuttle area. Does this sound good?
  5. We are also looking at Alla Grand tour for St. Petersburg. Could you describe how labor intensive the tour was? Did you feel you had enough breaks for all of the walking and standing? Were there also alot of stairs? Did you feel rushed or was keeping up with the group fairly easy? It difficult to get a feel for how active it is, so any help would be appreciated.
  6. Has anyone taken the Alla Grand tour 2 day in St Petersburg? If so, would love to hear what you liked/ didn't like with this tour. And your opinion as to how intensive the walking, stairs were for the day? Any info/tips would be greatly appreciated.
  7. will definitely check it out while we are there
  8. we're looking to go to both the Rosenburg Castle and the Fredericksburg Castle of a tour, along with maybe a canal boat tour. I've written to Alla and SPB tour groups to find out if they offer this.
  9. such great information and beautiful pictures! Cant wait to go!
  10. looking to do Alla Grand tour next July in St. Petersburg. It is a very intensive tour and I was wondering if anyone has taken this tour in the past and can advise as to how strenuous it was. Are there alot of stairs to climb? What did you think of the restaurant they used as well as the packed lunch. We are used to walking every day about 10-12 thousand steps on our fitbit and would like to prepare as best as we can ahead of time. Thanks
  11. hoping for sun as well, great tips, much appreciated
  12. great info on Tallinn. Will use on our cruise next summer. much appreciated'
  13. I second the thanks! very useful information!
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