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  1. I can see this is making you very upset. I'm sorry you felt the need to accuse and insult me. I hope those comments helped you to feel better about yourself. I believe I was very clear in my original post that I understood that it was breaking rules. I can see that you feel I should have been clearer that my intention was only curiosity and not actual plans of "basic theft". In the future, when you feel upset at others, I hope you can learn from my response and conduct yourself in a respectful and adult manner.
  2. This would be fine for me, and I can take the sticker off my old card and give it to my partner! Then we *both* get free drinks!
  3. They don't seem to scan the card, just see the prime status and give you the drink! Which is why I thought this might work 😂
  4. I made Prime last year, but my partner did not. I was given a prime sticker on my Seapass card, which gives me free drinks in the casino. Let's say that on our next cruise, I give my partner the sticker from my old Seapass card, and get a new one on the new cruise. Do you think the casino bartenders/casino staff would notice? NOTE: I know this is unethical and breaking the rules. I'm honestly just curious to see if you think they'd notice. Or what kind of trouble we'd get into for doing it
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