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  1. Right?? Empty tasting AND empty calories enriched wheat flour crap!!
  2. You know what?? It's bad when the Mac n Cheese fan thinks some is crap!! And yes it is ok to like mac n cheese but it shouldn't be an upcharge at CHOPS! Seriously, what cruise line has Mac n Cheese in the steakhouse?? NO, SERIOUSLY!! Its over when Fain makes it over - and yes I'll be super excited for 2021 if we put the pressure on!! FIRST PAGE of RCL reviews: "The food was, well, this isn't the vacation if you are a foodie. One night in the MDR, the options were so unappealing, we ordered a few appetizers and went to the buffet. We had 5 meals at specialty
  3. Right?? See you CAN still love RCL and call a spade a spade!! And yes it is people willing to call it out that holds the line!! Everyone wants to grab their pitchforks for the ones trying to help!
  4. Nobody does if you can find seating! I meant the MDR is the problem now so people head to the Windjammer!!
  5. I had moved on to short road trips after my divorce - but those dang things don't take you to EXOTIC BEACHES or PAMPER like a cruise!! But yes it is smart to work on your DH - even if he needs warming up to trying it!
  6. That's a great idea and I really do need to give up on finding the PERFECT line;). Seriously, we won't be able to afford Azamara and DH will be bored anyways. But yes, Celebrity has new features and yummy looking food!!
  7. I feel like maybe we missed out not trying some of the specialty dining but also, typically, the most options will be available on the bigger ships!! That seriously looks good, thanks for sharing!!
  8. Between my 1st and 2nd cruise - long wait times and lukewarm food. And yes I don't think it was perfect in 2008 because I've become pickier, but yeah those two things seriously annoyed us the most!
  9. You know what?? I was given Xanax and QUIT!! And yes, I felt like a robot and started hallucinating late at night. Now I just go with however I'm feeling instead of fighting it - and yes it helps feeling the highs and lows kinda in 3rd person!!
  10. Fake, Seriously?? NO - it is just that bad!! And yes, big thanks to TravelTouristVideos for showing everything AS IS!!
  11. Um, I didn't take pictures on my 2nd cruise. So yes, I am using other people's videos so that I know it is really real Royal. And yes, I understand that everyone doesn't want to believe what they're eating or hoping someone else's camera turns it into slop - but I have my own memory and PROOF!! Someone turned entire ships into GIANT KIDS MENUES - at least NCL has adult options!!
  12. I get that but it had to be DONE! I'll fill you in later but I posted something I felt was embarrassing, but the mods took the whole thread down not just my comment! And yes I'm happy about that especially with all the nasty comments!! The food thread is a full makeover! Oh, and if you haven't sailed RCL already, the slop is straight back in the WIndjammer!! So grateful for MOST of you and I hope you're having a fabulous weekend.
  13. YES it is pricy and we're not ready, but I am doing research it it seems so much better and I hope to someday!! In the mean time, I just re-watched their promo videos and look at the cheaper fares. And guess what?? LOL! It's true, Azamara ISN'T the best choice for everyone and I would probably miss all the fun stuff!! Seriously, you can't win!! https://www.azamara.com/voyage/jr06m073/6-night-amalfi-adriatic-wonders-voyage
  14. There will be no news on my personal life until next week at the EARLIEST!! I know many hearts are broken over new photos of what we witness at the Windjammer - so clear when we're off vacation and not on the fancy ship! The cheer squad attacked me for not having new photos, and the same people asked for them, get upset when I deliver!! And yes, I am loyal to royal too - but I am keeping my options OPEN with Celebrity and Azamara!! What has happened to Royal's slop does not line up with my stomach or my soul. I will absolutely keep on fighting, because I seriously will not just be silent in th
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