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  1. Got a refund to my CC late last night. It was for shore excursion to Monaco for GP. Quick call to bank to transfer. Day 62. That means i've got everything back now😃
  2. I too had an email to confirm refund that i received last week. Wonder if i they will refund twice😁
  3. I think i'd hang on to it for a week or two. See how they like it! 😁
  4. Was expecting to start calling them at day 60 so a pleasant surprise when i checked CC account today.
  5. Yeah really odd. No mention of any charges and she said it could take up to 4 days.
  6. My 1st post......and a good one too! Refund received today for Oceana cruise No E012B which would have ended yesterday. Filled claim form in on April 3rd so it's day 56. Had no other communication from P&O since (other than the 1 from Paul Ludlow). Money paid back onto CC. I rang CC company and they have transferred money to my current account. Just waiting now for refund for Monaco GP excursion that i booked with P&O. Hope everyone else gets theirs soon!
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