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  1. There was a huge difference with Ted Covid vaccines compared to what happened before. The FDA usually took weeks to respond. A covid vaccine request took hours. Sometimes instant via a verbal answer.
  2. I'm not sure Celebrity knows who will be Captain or when rotations/vacations will happen.
  3. Wondering if their website has ever worked as designed. From Captain's Club info differences from section to section and mobile platform giving different results. Pretty sad. I use the website. Take a screen shot. Then call my TA.
  4. Hand the casino cashier your Sea Pass. If a US TA your OBC almost guaranteed to be OBCR
  5. The list of Captain's Club benefits can be found in at least three places on line. All three are slightly different! The benefits have not changed, but unless one books without AI at the last few days before a cruise or have an old booking; several have little or no value.
  6. One can also get cash at the casino. Lots of ways. Hopefully someone from the UK can let us know if OBC from a TA is considered OBCR - the R being refundable.
  7. Things are changing quickly. Pfizer is about to request 12-15 year old approval. Appointments are not difficult. Certainly varies by state. Each week another several million people are vaccinated relieving the pressure. Yes the vaccinations are not 100% effective but the few that gets infected - mutations included - have milder symptoms with few to none hospitalized. Infection rate after a vaccination is close to zero. In Arizona we are in the 500 cases a day and falling. As for anti vaxxers, neighbor 80+ will not be vaccinated because she got ill on a scarlet fever vaccine in
  8. A truly silly comparison. Are you suggesting the scientists at the CDC that has developed an mRNA cure for the Spanish Flu and were about to finish a cure for the Zika virus could have done their work without academic training? That same team provided an antibody for coronavirus to the World in about 70 days. Without their work the vaccine would likely still be under development. PS - that same group will have the info needed for a booster later this year for variants. I do like your idea and have decided to open do heart surgery to replace aortic valves. PM me if interested.
  9. We did this. Those in the non suite cabin were assigned MDR. Not Luminae. Agree checking first if this is important.
  10. A few spot checks are all that will likely happen or are necessary. Unless an outbreak could be traced to a person with fake ID there would not be an issue. Verification of say 40 or 50 cruisers along with possible legal consequences if caught or disease caused should be sufficient. Not many people would likely being tossed ashore in say Haiti or Russia. Or sued for damages. Or possibly incarcerated. Who knows what the penalties could be. If you want to fake an ID, driver's licenses are available for under $400 and passports as cheap as $2000 depending on the country according to
  11. I think you need to look up the CURRENT director. Trained at Washington University in St Louis, John's Hopkins and Harvard. An respected expert in viruses - especially HIV.
  12. Jazz - can you explain my post about the Summit August TA noted in my prior post? Was told they were hoping the 14 day limit would be changed by August. Three different reps argued that Halifax was not in Canada. Am about to take my refunds and give up on cruising for a year or two.
  13. We have a 14 day August TA on Summit. It obviously cannot happen. Celebrity said it was still on because Halifax was in Nova Scotia - not Canada. Looking for clarity and good info? The cruise industry is making decisions on the fly. Often totally nonsense and contradictory.
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