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  1. Wrong. A US built ship is a coastwise certified vessel. A non coastwise - foreign built or flagged Read the whole act. US built ships are coastwise certified. They can sail from one US port to another US port. Foreign built ships are not coastwise certified. There are 5 exceptions to PVSA. Thus a foreign flagged ship can travel from Florida to Puerto Rico - an exception. It can also cruise to nowhere except a return to the point of departure. No passenger can set foot on land except the port where it departed. Please read the section on exceptions
  2. Suggest you download and read the September 2019 USCG PVSA-ICP.pdf. On pages 15 and 16 there are five exceptions exceptions to PVSA. Cruises to US possessions, Puerto Rico, Canadian vessels, journeys to distant ports and cruises to nowhere by a "non-coastwise qualified vessel". Such as Celebrity. No foreign stops allowed and must return to port of departure. Miami to.international waters and a return to Miami with no passengers departing the ship at another US port.
  3. Spoke with a captain on Celebrity. There have been thousands of suggestions of possible changes. He commented that dealing with COVID is a huge and continually changing project. With a likely large reduction in passengers, Celebrity is likely mostly sold out for 2021. Thus implimentation of a major marketing/repositioning move like all inclusive would be unlikely until all the COVID effects are in the past. At least 2022.
  4. I would not worry. Since all dining will be served with hours extended you are likely to have different hours and select dining could maybe have 3 seatings as well. As said before lots of changes coming.
  5. Probably the cruise charges should be about $20 a day higher and not have a service charge. If I receive excellent service I give those staff members additional $$ early in the cruise. Your comment is rather harsh. You can sign up for the regular fixed dining or like most of my cruises choose gratuities as a perk. At home you have a different system. For better or worse for the wait and cabin staff on board the "gratuities" are a significant part of their pay. It is done this way because it allows the cruiseline to advertise a lower price. Definately not fair to penalize the staff. Almost all crew work incredibly hard to make your holiday experience perfect.
  6. Unless dining changes when cruising reopens. Would expect lots of changes as a line waiting for tables in select would be a problem. We will all see in the coming months what changes will actually happen instead of just speculation.
  7. If cruise ships use double testing I agree probably safe on board. The issue for most cruisers is getting to and from the ship. Transport, meals, lodging are significant. Got to remember that it only takes one asymptomatic cruiser to create a big problem. You also have also to remember ports like Victoria Canada that have almost no COVID do not want a couple thousand tourists possibly infecting them. PS - at 7am there is almost nobody at my grocery. Other than a couple stickers empty for many hours. Chance of infection if one washes their hands afterward close to zero.
  8. Back in the 1950s a guy name Jonas Salk in just over 2 years developed a vaccine for polio. This was in the day of no computers. Is a year too short a time with all the technology we have today. The biggest change according to Ampio Pharma is the FDA is responding within 24 hours instead of 3+ months. Once the stage 3 is complete I would want a normal approval time to see medium term adverse reactions. So if all complete in December would be willing to be vaccinated in February. The adverse reactions to COVID seem to be less dying percentage wise but more and more long term issues. If the few million first responders are fine then sure seems I would be too. FWIW I am 65+ with no health issues. DW same age with underlying conditions.
  9. Certainly possible. I remember the CDC wanted to extend No Sail till February and White House open in December. At this point limited sailings would theoretically possible in December, but almost all would violate the CLIA guidelines unless rescheduled as shorter cruises. The rise of COVID cases worldwide has caused new lockdown and controls. International air travel is difficult with many bans or quarantines required. The cruises out of Singapore should be interesting as all passengers can drive to port, no CDC and less COVID there.
  10. Anyone heard any news? The order expires in about a week. The White House held a meeting with cruise execs about 10 days ago then nothing.
  11. He is a bit strange, but in Q1 next year if the Sail Safe guidelines are put in place there is no possibility of many of those cruises taking place either because of too many days or port issues. My DW commented on social distancing with 4 people in elevators and about 25 on a tender. Hard to make that work very well even at 50% capacity. Remember Celebrity is still selling lots of 10 day cruises in December with multiple port calls. Can someone explain how those cruises could happen?
  12. Same happened with me. Celebrity cancelled TA last April. I was sent a email two days after it was supposed to sail. Simply automated emails.
  13. Sea Dreams has about 100 passenger capacity. As it is so small allowed to sail almost everywhere.
  14. All Carnival ships are currently at sea. A couple of them were reported collecting or dropping of crew. Some in various ports and others cruising just offshore. They just don't have paying passengers.
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