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  1. Thank you to everyone that helped answer my question. You all provided a quick and definitive answer, so posting my own experience is merely because I hate reading threads where the OP never follows up. Also, out of curiosity,@kpark895 where about in NH are you? I'm down on the Seacoast. TL;DR - Like the rest of your experiences, NCL honored my original certificate with the caveat that it be used within 30 days of the recent cancel. I've got to say after reading a lot of threads from people having horror stories with NCL I have been lucky to receive nothing but great customer service. My first cancelation was for a May 2020 sailing so news of the cancelation came right at the beginning of COVID. NCL was still trying to figure things out, but when I called up CAS they were friendly and reassured me that things would be honored. A rep. called me a few hours later to explain that the certificate would be honored and gave me all of the details. The FCC and Bonus entered my account faster than they even stated, and I quickly set up the cruise that was scheduled for May 2021. The new reservation was actually cheaper than the 2020 sailing so I pushed the remaining FCC and all of the bonus to a full fare booked for 2022. Fast forward to this cancelation. After posting here, I made my first call to CAS just looking for details on the certificate restrictions so that I could start planning. I was surprised, that this time around I was given a lot of freedom choosing my itinerary. The Rep told me he could pretty much get me on any 7 or less itinerary departing from the US (excluding Hawaii and departure from Alaska) good until August 2022. After the first cancelation I was only offered the same itineraries as the certificate for the same dates of travel moved forward one year so this was considerably expanded. When I called the main CAS number a second time, the SAME rep who answered my previous call took this one as well. He was great to work with on the booking and gave me his direct line for any future reservations or if I needed to re-price down the road. Even with the flexibility, I ended up choosing the same cruise (7 day Bermuda from New York on the Joy.) Like the rest of you, the price had gone up, but only by $150. I went ahead and purchased a CruiseFirst Cert since I would be spending $150 anyways and this way I was left with $150 in FCC which I am going to apply to a later booking that I still have a balance on. I also did not have him apply the 10% coupon to the reservation since it only applies to the NCF. With it being a CAS booking and only paying for the upgrade fee, that would have meant that I only saved Like $50. I would much rather save it to book a full fare when they are offering OBC or letting you stack the Cruisefirst/next certs again. This will be my first cruise and I have really learned a lot being able to read the forums and see what experienced travels have done. I am not going to lie the idea of finding the best deal is almost as addicting as gambling haha. I'm not playing Facebook slots through MyVegas since you can exchange points for a CAS booking that way too. Thanks again!
  2. Awesome, Thank you for correcting my assumption. That is great to know that you had success. and will help me when talking with the CAS rep because as you said not all of them are working off of the same info or care enough to hunt it down. I have had really great experiences with them on the phone, but you learn in the first minute or two of the conversation if its going to be a rep. that is willing to go out of their way to get you the best deal. I'll keep you posted with my results
  3. Thanks for all of the info @cuterlmt. It sounds like you are still on your first "round" of cancelations though correct? Your September cruise would be the first one to possibly be canceled a second time. specifically I need to know if anyone did the original booking, got canceled and rebooked, and then got canceled again. I am wondering if they will still honor. Next step will of course be calling to get the answer myself. I will update here when I have an answer. Thanks
  4. There was a lot of discussion this time last year about rebooking land based casino offers that had been canceled. Opinions and outcomes went both ways. Now that this seems to be a horrible rendition of groundhog day, has anyone had to try and book for a second time using the same offer? For clarification, the certificate was from Foxwoods. It has been expired for well over a year and I haven't received any new offers from the casino that would allow me to just "replace it". This will also be my first cruise, so I don't have any playthrough with NCL to warrant them giving me a traditional CAS offer. I of course took the bonus FCC, on the upgrade and out of pocket expenses, because, you know, "there is no way that this will still be going on a year from now!" I understand the whole "buyer beware" and I read the Ts&Cs so I know I won't get a cash refund, but without applying the casino cert, the FCC's barely make a dent in the full price of a comparable cruise now that the prices have been jacked up so high.
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