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  1. does anyone know the easiest way to get from the cruise port to Nyhavn and / or Gammel Strand to pick up the Netto boats? Which area would be easiest and quickest from the cruise port? Thanks
  2. really enjoyed your blog...beautiful pictures!
  3. thanks! cruise not till summer of 2021 so hopefully things will be more under control than they are now. fingers crossed!
  4. what a great trip and beautiful pictures..thanks
  5. figured out it was an email error and now am corresponding with all three. Thanks for the help
  6. great detailed information! Thank you so very much
  7. In Copenhagen, is it possible to do an inside visit to Rosenburg Castle as well as a tour of Frederiksberg Castle on your own? If so , what transportation would one have to use? We are in port from 9-6pm. Would like a boat cruise as well but think that we are really overdoing it. What do you think?
  8. thanks to all for the valuable information. When we travel there we will definitely go to the Vasa first
  9. great spreadsheet, gives lots of usefulinformation!
  10. beautiful pictures! cant wait to see it for myself!
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