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  1. Thanks everyone! We are going with the 2 bedroom villas......you have all had such great suggestions! THANK YOU!!!! Now I just have to figure out which are the best cabin numbers on floor 17....trying to research if they are all the same or not and which side of the ship is best for views. 7 days: Seattle,Washington Juneau,Alaska Skagway,Alaska Ketchikan,Alaska Victoria,British Columbia Seattle,Washington
  2. Thanks so much for all the great feedback everyone! We want to keep the small kids with us os the big kids can have more ability to come and go. We have narrowed it down to 2 - 2bedroom villas on 17th deck or 2 - aft facing on deck 9. Such a tough decision and great points from everyone. We really like the idea of being within the Haven and close to all those amenities but are hesitant to give up the great aft facing deck. We also get a little seasick so are still concerned about being high up on 17. The feedback about Alaska waters being calm is very helpful though and may give us the comfort if we select the 2 bedroom option. Continue to welcome more thoughts and really appreciate everyone who replied! Thanks and stay healthy and safe.
  3. They said they would be ok sharing the sofa bed, but if past cruisers think that's a bad move please let me know:)
  4. Hello, We are planning an Alaska Cruise with our kids and are looking for advice on which cabin would be a better selection. We are a total of 7 people (My husband and I along with our kids 27, 26 (with fiance), 12, and 11. We are planning to put the little kids with us and have the 3 adult children share another room. We are trying to decide between the Aft Facing Penthouse Suites or the 2 bedroom family villas. We like the balcony a lot on the aft....will even be able to use it much with Alaska temps in June? Which selection feels more spacious inside? Does it make a big difference being located in the Haven area since the aft rooms are on the other side of the ship? Which deck levels are the best? Is the aft a lot more rocky than the middle of the ship? I tend to get claustrophobic and cramped, so the room with a more open feel would be great. Will we feel a difference with swaying on deck 9 vs deck 15-17? We are not frequent cruisers, so I really appreciate any advice you can provide? Thanks!
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