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  1. That’s, really good. I did think about leaving the queue and going back later but just had to pay the cheque in 😀 I was allowed to jump the queue as I got nearer as I wanted to just use the ATM - was inside for paying in.
  2. Ha ha, sounds like me this morning here, in a 100 metre winding, socially distanced queue to get in the bank to pay my refund cheque in, received late yesterday afternoon after ‘only’ 63 days.
  3. First post but I have been following this thread. Just to let you know, cheque received today for full balance. Would have preferred it going back to CC (although paid through TA card payment says P&O) as I now have to brave the bank - online limit £1000 - but won’t complain. cheque dated 28 May so 59 days when issued. EO12A 14 May Refund requested 30 March Things seem to be moving. Fingers crossed you all receive your refunds soon, especially those of you on over 70 days.
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