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  1. Of course mine does not work again. I can get in on Chrome but not on Safari. I can not tell you all of the trouble I have had with MVJ....
  2. I have had so much trouble in the past with MVJ. I would start off by clearing cache and cookie. That is the first thing they will ask you when you call.
  3. Yes I do a symptom log weekly in our original study. $5.00 a week for next 2 years. They did a blood test several months ago and they said the same thing..... Would start booster study if antibodies drop. I have a feeling they must have dropped for the group. Of course they don't tell us but they did start the study.
  4. Yes we all get 2 shot... 2 if you get the real...2 if you get the placebo...They don't mix them. I'm hoping lighting strikes twice with me. The papers they sent me said they are doing 600 people at each of 15 to 30 sites in the US
  5. For any one that is interested the booster study for us starts next Friday. I spent time on the phone today with the Study coordinator and got this information about the Pfizer booster...... will know more next Friday. 1. Pfizer is doing 2 shots for the booster 2. Once again I have a 50/50 chance of getting the real deal. 3. As soon as the booster is approved we will be unblinded and get the real thing if we didn't get it. 4. 2 blood test. One before the 1st shot and the 2nd a few week after the 2nd. 5. They think that the booster shot will be effective against
  6. I was able to reserve Spa treatments for the couple that are going with us on the Sept Cruise. Even showed up on the calendar?
  7. I have done my share of criticizing of Viking especially the 25% voucher. But I have to give Viking a pass on the restart of cruising. Yes Viking is bad at communication with customers. Peregina is totally right. No doubt it is worse now. But they have been shut down for over a year now. New staff, new excursions, canceled cruises. This is like a soft start with a new business. Should they have planned better for this opening? I know I would not have done better. Guaranteed you will have problems. Even the TA I have talked to in the past are gone. Can you blame them? I thi
  8. I got into the Pfizer vaccine study group in August last year. We were unblinded in Jan. and I had the real shot. My wife had planned a trip to Maui before she passed away suddenly in July last year. The condo was paid for and no refund. I decided if we ( some friends went with me) could get to Maui it would be better than losing the money. The couple I went with had had the vaccine and we got tested 72 hours before going to Maui. When I got back I had another appointment with the vaccine study group. Tested and blood work. When we were in Maui our friends wife brother died.....
  9. JMHO.. I have hit the wall. It has been 9 months now since I have had the shot. Getting ready to get the booster shot next few weeks.... maybe...All of my family now have had the vaccine. I went to Maui in January and went through a test before we went. Ended up getting a test went I got back. Had a test 2 weeks ago. Will have another test ( with the Pfizer study group) when (if) we get back from Iceland. I still wear a mask when I go to church or get around other people. Both of my daughters schools have every one wear a mask. I will continue to follow the rules. But will not sit and
  10. Yes, you really need to understand the rules for the 25% voucher before you buy into it. There have been several threads about how they work, but I would call your TA. You want to make sure that you are able to use it. And they have several rules on how it works. Don't be surprised if you try to use it and it won't work.
  11. Good thought, but when I checked the web site the prices have gone up from when we booked Antartica in 2019. They had just starting booking Antarctic in 2019. Also they gave us that silver spirits thing for early sign up which I would think be around $500. for 2 people? Not a big drinker but would hate to throw it away. It might save a little or maybe not if some of the other prices for insurance have gone up. Best to leave this one alone but a good thought.
  12. I couldn't use all of the refund on our canceled trip let alone the FCC of 25% on the Iceland trip. And I already have Antartica booked so it wouldn't work with that trip. In my case it just makes sense to get a refund and just pay for the trip to Iceland. I would leave a lot of money on the table if I did the FCC. And I wouldn't get it back....And the answer they gave me on the phone was you can not use the FCC on a cruise that is already booked. But call your TA to make sure you follow the rules. The one thing you don't want to do is not use all of your FCC... so it kind of seems to me
  13. Yes... already let them know. He was pushing hard to do the voucher but at the end he said.... Ya it just doesn't make sense unless you want to use it on a different cruise. Iceland is not a great option but it will be OK. Just hoping that the Antarctic cruise in 2022 will be OK. My daughter is very excited about it.
  14. Well Trip canceled and headed to Iceland... Maybe??? Probably with my luck the volcano will shut down air service. Good advice Peregrina. No way could you use the 25% voucher. The price difference between the 2 cruises just didn't add up. Taking the money is alway a good bet.
  15. Will do. Still holding out a small hope that it is just maintenance like the TA said....... But very small hope. I just check again this morning and MVJ is still down for me.
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